May 7, 2017

It Came from the Future Lunar Toy chest: In the name of the Future Moon and stuff...

Sailor Moon Week ends with Sailor Moon... Albino Midget Edition, better known as Chibi Moon, Daughter of Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask.

Here's a random video giving her her own opening, but it kinda explains who she is...

The Articulation on ALL 5 6 Senshi is mostly the same. I point this out now since this part may be copied and pasted on each of the Senshi Reviews, but each Senshi has some Articulation that is Specifically made for Each. The range Of Articulation, particularly on the arms is astounding. Even though the Senshi have skirts, they have slits and the skirt overlaps the front and back to hide the slits. (I assume this was what the 4 Horsemen were trying to emulate for MOTUC, but Mattel design, in their ass backwards ways didn't understand)

She can easily pull off most of the key poses from the Anime. (Since this one is based on the Anime.) As with all Figuarts figures, some poses require the use of a stand... (Especially with the tiny feet on heels that the Senshi have and Chibi Usa is EVEN SMALLER)

Now specifically for Mini Moon, her Pigtails are articulated. They are on a ball joint that allows for some dynamic posing... Just like Mama! Also, her hands have a slight disadvantage over Mama and friends. They lack the hinge, but to be fair on such a small figure with TINY Hands it would be a nightmare to have that POA AND interchangeability. Doable, yes, but customer friendly it wouldn't be.

Paint and Sculpt:
Paintwise I lucked out on my Chibi Moon. I've seen a few online reviews that have had super sloppy paintjobs for a Figuarts figure. The extra shading in her hair makes her pop! The sculpt, well. it's brand new, so it's a bit refreshing compared to the other Senshi... Obviously they have similarities, but the differences make her pop 5.0

-Pink Moon Stick
-3 Extra Faceplates
-Extra hairpiece for the Super Chibi Moon Mode
-10 extra hands

As you can see Chibi Moon is super Equipped with stuff.

It's kinda hard to find flaws in these figures, aside wanting MORE stuff with them. 5.0 Chibi works surprisingly well, despite being super hated in the West. I NEVER intended to get these, but Stupid ass Naruto had to be so damn cool. If my first foray into Figuarts had been that bootleg Ukog, I would've avoided Japanese imports like the plague...
I can live with this line-up as a "Complete display" Heck! I could take Chibi Usa out of the equation and still have a "Complete display".

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