May 4, 2017

It Came From the Toy Chest: Sailor Flaming Rival Priestess...

I think I kinda gave away that it's Sailor Mars, due to being in the Sailor Moon Figuarts Week and the whole Fire thing...
Sailor Mars is one of the Inner Senshi, she's the third Senshi to be awakened by Luna... (or 4th depending if we count Sailor V as a Senshi BEFORE becomimg Venus)
Sailor Mars is also a shrine maiden, hence some of her attacks stemming from her role as a miko. (The purification seal she comes with is an example)

The Articulation on ALL 5 Senshi is mostly the same. I point this out now since this part may be copied and pasted on each of the Senshi Reviews, but each Senshi has some Articulation that is Specifically made for Each. The range Of Articulation, particularly on the arms is astounding. Even though the Senshi have skirts, they have slits and the skirt overlaps the front and back to hide the slits. (I assume this was what the 4 Horsemen were trying to emulate for MOTUC, but Mattel design, in their ass backwards ways didn't understand)

She can easily pull off most of the key poses from the Anime. (Since this one is based on the Anime.) As with all Figuarts figures, some poses require the use of a stand... (Especially with the tiny feet on heels that the Senshi have)

Now specifically for Sailor Mars, her hair has sections with a ball joint that allows you to have it a bit more flared out as if it was partially wind blown.

Paint and Sculpt:

It feels a bit repetitive talking about the Senshi since the Sculpt is mostly similar. It works, since it pulls off the Sailor Mars Look just right. I'd say closer to the anime looks since the true Manga style would be slightly more detailed. The paint applications are done nicely, which is the standard for most Figuarts stuff. Rarely there's some sloppy paints on these figures... (It happens, but it's not as common as in some Western Companies... Not mentioning any names, but The Big 2 are known for major cases of derp eye.)


-10 Extra hands
-1 Extra Mars Fire Attack gun fingers hand
-3 Extra faceplates
-Ofuda Seal

Surprise, Surprise... Mars gets a 5.0 as her final score.
I know some people might think that I have some favoritism towards Japan, but no... The figures are great... Yeah, they are a bit more fragile compared to most American Toys, but the sheer amount of Extras that expand the display possibilities make these feel much better than American toys. as always my main complaint is that I WANT MORE!! Like fire effects for Mars, but Bandai has me covered for those...

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