May 17, 2017

Things from OTHER Final Fantasies and other stuff that I'd like to see in VII Remake...

It is known that I'm nervicited about FFVII Remake...
We know it's going to be something like KH or FFXV... We also know that it won't be a straight up retelling of VII but it will explore some new stuff... Well here's a list of things I'd like to see: This is meant in ALL the VIIR games, not just part one.

Hunts and other odd jobs:
We know that Zack and Cloud were going to form a company where they were Jacks of All Trades doing odd jobs for money... but then...

Zack kicked the bucket and Cloud became Zack 2.0 and started doing oddjobs as a Merc hired by AVALANCHE.
Well, The Hunts and other Odd jobs have been in other Final Fantasies. This would be a nice way to make some gil, earn some AP and EXP... Maybe they could have a system inspired by the Bar Odd Jobs from Tactics, where you sent reserve members of your party to do some odd jobs in exchange for Experience and JP... Do I need to explain hunts? OK, Hunts are, the name says it hunts. You have to locate a Specific Monster, kill it and earn a reward.

New Materia:
This one is rather obvious, since some Materia only worked on Normal Turn based JRPGs, we need some new ones that work on this ARPG FFVII... Not only that, but new VIIR Spells or Summons... I'm thinking of a VERY Specific Summon... who would show up at random.

He could even have his own quest by locating 4 Legendary swords (Thinking: Brotherhood, Revolver, Zidane's Thief Sword in naginata mode, and one of Gladio's greatswords.) this sidequest for the swords of Gilgamesh could tie up to the next point.

Places and Characters from the Compilation of FFVII:

Now, while I don't want to cover Advent Children or Dirge of Cerberus here, some hints to events or places can be used... Like a near post game super dungeon be in the sub-levels of Shinra Building but without reaching the DEEPGROUND area, due to it being sealed off because of Diamond Weapon's attack, or finding some plans to make a new reactor in the location that eventually will become Healen Lodge... While these two are almost grasping at straws, there are other sources from games ocurring before VII that can be used...
Crisis Core gave us the Abandoned town, Modeoheim... The Tamblin Fort on Wutai, the remains of Banora... The Banora Underground Area could work as a Near Post-game Super Dungeon area instead of inside the Shinra Bldg. for Game 1. For Game 2 The Great Cavern of Wonders could allow for a special Side Quest where Cloud tries to find the Goddess Minerva in an attempt to bring back Aerith, Something, something, she CAN'T be revived due to her ties to Holy, but Minerva hands out the next best thing an accessory that Randomly casts one of Aerith's Limit Breaks in battle at any random time... Like Gilgamesh
Remember the quest for the swords I suggested for getting Gilgamesh? Well what Swordswoman that is able to stand up to Sephiroth that is supposed to be dead but is really alive? Elfé from Before Crisis.
I could also mention Deneh, as in Nanaki's friend from Before Crisis and possible mother of the Nanakids at the end of VII.

Junk Shops:
Remember the junk shops from 8? The ones that if you brought certain items listed on a Weapons Monthly Magazine, you got a new mod for your weapon? Well have those for VII. This could also go well with the hunts.

As much as I love Triple Triad, that's an VIII thing and should stay there until VIIIR. These are the things from the top of my head that could add some extra content and flavor to FFVIIR.

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