May 22, 2017

Zack Snyder is out of Justice League... and Ariana Grande Stuff...

And before you start celebrating, understand the reason why he left. It's no secret that I hate Zack Snyder and that I kinda wished we could get rid of him from the DCEU... But not this way... NOT THIS WAY. Snyder's daughter committed suicide in March... and while there are plenty of insensitive jokes that could be made about Zack Snyder being the reason; I won't make them... I thought of a few, I'm not gonna lie, but I'm keeping those to myself this time.
Now for a serious moment, I would like to extend my condolences to the Snyders. Losing a Child must be a horrible thing that I wouldn't wish to my worst enemies.

With that said, Joss Whedon... Yes, THAT Joss Whedon is taking Snyder's Justice League and Finishing it... Before you start thinking... Avengers was cool, Maybe Joss can save us from Suck Snyder... Hear me out... The situation with the Snyders sucks and getting glad that his daughter died, just to get him out of the DCEU is being a massive asshole.

Now I will deal with the whole Whedon was called to finish the movie... The following statements have NOTHING to do with the personal issues Snyder is going through.

why is that clip there? I... have no... IDEA... of why it's THERE?
Oh yeah, it's because of a director trying to emulate the style of a different director...

Huh? what's this? A movie with reshoots to change the tone of it?

Or trying to salvage a turd from a mediocre director?
Let's be honest here... IF Warner wanted to salvage Justice League from Suck Snyder, they would have come in earlier. Right now this ismore along the lines of looking at a somewhat competent director that finish this and not make it suck too hard... (Already stated that directing emotional scenes that depend on dialogue is one of Snyder's shortcomings. Whedon could somewhat make this movie suck less, but not too much given the time he has.) than any other conspiracy theory.

I can almost hear the DC butthurt squad's complaints when the movie gets bad reviews:
"Joss Whedon sabotaged it to help Marvel" "Whedon tried to Kiddify the JL like the Kiddievengers" and other excuses.

The point here is that Snyder CAN'T Direct due to severe personal issues... I understand how much pain losing a loved one can have on one... But for a parent to lose a child, that's an unnatural pain, much stronger than a child losing a parent. He TRIED TO Keep on trucking, but couldn't. Instead of Pushing on a quarter assed product. He accepted that he couldn't get his head in the game and stepped down... THAT is admirable. Once again, my condolences to Zack Snyder and family...

Blast at an Ariana Grande concert left 19 dead. About 50 were injured.
Anti-Murican Donut licker and overrated pop starlet that shouldn't be in a Final Fantasy game was attacked by apparently terrorists. Again, plenty of jokes that can be made, but I cannot.
My condolences to the families of those who died or were injured at the venue.

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