May 11, 2017

Super7 has Payment plan now!

Well, it was made available on Wednesday. Here's the info:
Basically, you order your sets as normal... then when you're about to check out you will write the following on the Gift Card/Discount space:
by writing "PAYMENTPLAN" on the Gift Card/Discount Space, you're activating the Payment Plan Coupon, which reduces the costs of this order to a 33% of the total cost.

Let's take My order as an example: We already discussed that 9 figures (both sets + Hawke) is  $314.97 + $51.53 for shipping, which puts the total in $366.50.
Activating the Payment Plan means that I only would've paid: $104.99 + shipping, which could've been $18 for Standard, or $51.53 for Priority making the first payment one of either $122.99 (for Standard Shipping) or $156.52 (for Priority) Then the next 2 months we get billed via Paypal for the remaining thirds... In this case, 2 more payments of $104.99 for the 9 figures.

Remember that you have until June 2 to take the plunge. If you want to remain a cherry picker, the bad news is that you'll have to go through resellers and in the long run it might be a bit too expensive...(going through that with the Filmation MOTU figures... now I need to get Trap Jaw... I know what I said about them, but I did end up getting el colorado garca) If you can, take the plunge... you might regret it later.

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