May 3, 2017

It Came from the Toy Chest: Sailor... Wait...

This Sailor isn't a Sailor, has a penis and it's the Guardian of Earth...
Yes, it's Tuxedo Mask... or if you prefer Takishido Kamen-Sama... OK Tuxedo Mask in a Nutshell...

Picture Sailor Moon in trouble with a Monster having the advantage. A Rose being flung interrupts the battle. The Monster reacts, the music plays. Tuxedo Mask does a little speech, if we're lucky, he attacks the monster. Sailor Moon has an orgasm. He then leaves...

The Harder part begins now... Reviewing Tuxedo Mask...

This is my first caped Figuarts figure. I was aware of the Articulated cape, which is kinda cool. My issue is that it's hard plastic and, while it seems to be lighter than, say a MOTUC's cape, the figure itself is so light that the cape plays with his center of gravity, not to mention limiting a lot of his articulation.
He has the standard Figuarts Articulation points, but for some reason he feels very stiff, like say compared to Michael Jackson. Normally, this would cause him to lose points, he still manages to pull off all the Key Tuxedo Mask Poses. (and my brother showed me that he could do the Spidey hanging pose. (Random Fact: Rino Romano, Spider-Man Unlimited and the Neversoft Spider-Man voiced Tuxedo Mask in the Earlier DIC dubbed Episodes. Rino Romano is also known as Luis Sera from RE4)
I WAS going to give him a 4.0 in Articulation but due to the new info about him being able to pull off the Spidey pose, Takishido Kamen-Sama gets a 5.0

Paint and Sculpt:
Again, this is something where Figuarts excels at. You look at the figure and you can easily recognize the character and he looks like a 3D Representation of Tuxedo Mask. Due to the 2 Toned Cape and the Engineering, the cape CAN look a tad odd in some angles. He has no paint issues. Well, one issue some may have is with the metal drums holding the cape. Wish they were red instead of chrome.

-articulated cape
-peg to cover the cape back hole
-3 extra faceplate
-Extra head (for the hatless pics)
-10 Extra hands

He's got tons of stuff, so he easily gets a 5.0 here.

He's a bit awkward at first, but once you get used to him he gets better and better. One thing that kept throwing me off is his height... I get that he's taller than Sailor Moon, or Ranma, but he's taller than Michael Jackson... He almost looks like a Teen in MOTUC. These Sailor Moon figures are filling the MOTUC Vacuum and making me forget UKOG...

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