May 23, 2017

It... CAME... from the Toy CHEST: Caws are no longer videogame Exclusive... Pt.1

The stilted... DELIVERY... of the Title... is mostly due to... TAZZ... and... MICHAEL COLE... brought... to you by... Double U... Double U... Eff! Smackdown! Just bring it!

OK, not really... I just wanted to make a reference to that game... since it was the first game that brought a mostly functional Create a Character mode.
I got a couple of Create a Superstar figures, mostly to use as generic characters for MOTUC... The other part was because of KMart...
Disclaimer: The Sears Holdings Corporation is not sponsoring this review, nor paying me to do it.
With that said, the caws were on clearance + 50% off from their clearance price and I had some Shop Your Way Rewards points that were reaching their expiration date. So, I bought some stuff and the caws were among the items I bought. The other stuff is just normal household items like a Turkey Baster, a whisk, some pens, toothpicks, K&Y jelly, Some memory foam insoles, double A Batteries, a pack of condoms, duct tape, Friskies Party Mix, Baking Soda and some Menthos.

First on the list is Sting... I mean Shadow Vigilante... With Sting head and "Tattoo sheet" (Translation: Stickers. wait, no, they are tattoos for real... but not to be used on people.) You can kinda make a cheap assed version of Sting with his Crow Knock-off shtick, or you can make a Generic Bird Dude. You can also use the Caw Packs that I've reviewed in the past... Or other Create a Superstar figures.

Right out of the bat I must point out that THESE FIGURES have a LOT LESS Articulation than the elite Figures. No thigh cut, ab crunch, single joint knee, no bicep cut... They're like the Basic figures for kids. but semi modular parts.
3.0 They are great for standing around, but these ain't WWE Elite figures, so poses are limited... Especially with the rigid coats...

Paint and sculpt:
Cheap ass doesn't begin to describe this. Some parts seem to be modded older parts, others seem new... The Normal WWE Figure heads are on ball joints that were almost MOTUC compatible. (remember my MOTUC Superman review, well, for some figures you have to do the same thing to use the WWE heads on MOTUC bodies.) Speaking of MOTUC... Those wings are Angella's but made even crappier to fit WWE figures. So DCUC still lives!! (Cause Angella's wings were reused from hawkgirl.) Paint job is barely existent... 3.0 because the sculpts are at least decent...


Temporary decal sheet
extra head
2 Armors
1 mace.

Sting gets a 3.33 as his final score. I knew he was going to be a bit bad, but didn't expect him to be THAT bad... Maybe if I combine some parts from other caws, I could make a henchman for Marzo... Daedalor: Count Marzo's Winged Warrior.

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