May 20, 2017

It Came from the Toy Chest: Princess Book Horse is now Articulated...

I wanted to make a reference to Tara Strong... but since she's voiced almost everything, I HAD to specify which thing has Tara's voice now... that will come out of the toy chest...

This is the Guardians of Harmony Twilight Sparkle with a Changeling... Need to get armored Spike to get Queen Chrysalis.

Do I NEED to explain Twilight Sparkle? OK, so she's a NEEEEEEEEEERRRRD! who was forced to study Friendship by Princess Celestia... She was ascended to Princess of Friendship now she's become a background Pony due to Starlight Glimmer taking the Spotlight... Seriously, Aside the First Episode and the one with the little spawn of Satan, Flurry Heart, Twilight's become a background pony.
 The Changeling, he's a minion of Chrysalis... He can shapeshift in order to suck out love... Heh... There might be a changeling living in my heart then... Scratch that last part...

Let's get started on the review, shall we?

Twily's Articulation is similar to that of Pinkie Pie...
Hinged neck (can also look left and right)
hinged ball jointed forelegs (in two different points of the leg)
cut joint on  the hind legs
ball joint on the tail.
kind of ball jointed wings.

While she's not as articulated as a MOTUC steed, she has a decent set of articulation. Warning, her head is very heavy and some 2 or 3 legged poses can be a bit of a hassle to set up.

Now The Pony Curve cannot be used here, since this Twilight has Action Figure levels of articulation. I need to point out that Twilight's left foreleg shoulder disc cracked and that worries me... Also, the wings fell off my twilight and seem very flimsy... Reattaching them was a pain in the plot...
BTW the Changeling has similar Articulation as Twilight except the foreleg knee joint is missing.

Paint and Sculpt:

Cartoon Accurate Twilight (with a pissed off face) The paint is a bit sloppy on the fuchsia strip of hair. Other than that, her eyes and cutie mark are just fine.
The Changeling on the other hand. or should I say hoof, has a bit of slop on his fangs. He looks like a Changeling's default form should look.


Twilight has:
Shoes, Weird Saddle with giant pincers to trap Changelings, the useless shield and a spear...
5.0 just for the amount of stuff she has.
Changeling has:
Nothing, zip, zilch, nada, the big goose egg... BUT there is nothing that the changeling could have come with that is Changeling Specific.

Overall Score:

Pinkie: You wanna play rough? OK! Say Hello, to my little friend!!
Twilight: Pinkie, Children won't understand the reference!
Pinkie: Twilight, don't be silly! there's only two things I don't
break in my life, my Pinkie Promises and my balls...
Changeling:OK, this is the part where I die...AAAAAAAARRRGH!
As always, here I look at the figures as individuals, then the pack is rated as a whole.
Twilight gets a 4.33 and the Changeling gets a 3.75
The set gets a 4.04 as the final score. Also, I LOVE the background from the package... So a half point bonus for that... Final Final Score + Bias = 4.54

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