May 1, 2017

It Came from the Lunar Toy Chest: In the name of the Moon I will Punish you!

Sailor Moon Week starts now at the House of Rants: I made a reference Waay back in April and I needed something to wash off the taste of Ukog... and since I got the Inner Senshi, I should review them... AFAIK, I won't be getting the "Cousin" Scouts, Pluto and Saturn since they are expensive as hell... OK Mostly Saturn, I draw the line at Albino Midget Sailor Moon Clone. But the rest I won't get... Now if they made a Nephrite, I'd have to get him... (but Full Nephrite, not Tuxedo Mask Disguise Nephrite) Back to topic...

Sailor Moon... Who is she? Roll the intro!

Now, In the name of the Moon I will Review you!
Sorry, had to do it!
Random fact: The Latin American Dub of Sailor Moon has Sailor Moon played by the same VA that dubs Lisa Simpson... (This makes me way confused when watching the LatAm dub...)

The Articulation on ALL 5 Senshi is mostly the same. I point this out now since this part may be copied and pasted on each of the Senshi Reviews, but each Senshi has some Articulation that is Specifically made for Each. The range Of Articulation, particularly on the arms is astounding. Even though the Senshi have skirts, they have slits and the skirt overlaps the front and back to hide the slits. (I assume this was what the 4 Horsemen were trying to emulate for MOTUC, but Mattel design, in their ass backwards ways didn't understand)

She can easily pull off most of the key poses from the Anime. (Since this one is based on the Anime.) As with all Figuarts figures, some poses require the use of a stand... (Especially with the tiny feet on heels that the Senshi have)

Now specifically for Sailor Moon, her Pigtails are articulated. They are on a ball joint that allows for some dynamic posing.

Paint and Sculpt:
LOOK AT HER... She looks a LOT like her Anime Counterpart in 3D. The Paint on Sailor Moon is nearly flawless. Just noticed a slight bleed of silver from the barrette on her right bun. While she looks a lot like her anime self, her color palette is more Manga inspired with the shimmery colors. (There's an Anime Repaint of this figure with more flat Anime Colors)

-2 Moon Sticks (with and without the Silver Crystal)
-3 extra Faceplates (only the first release has 5 extra faceplates. Crying and winking, btw)
-8 Extra hands (one has the Moon Tiara Magic attached)

Yes, she has a 5.0 despite the missing faceplates from the first release. She has a TON of stuff which still allows for a very good representation of the character. She looks nice on her own, but when put together with the Senshi, the squad is impressive!!

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