May 25, 2017

It Came from the Toy chest: CAWs are no longer Videogame Exclusive Pt.2

Here's Part 2 of the CAW series Review... Sheamus...

No need to go into further detailing here... Sheamus is acting as a Celtic Guardian... Me? with some parts swapped with another CaW he'll be Sheamus of the Steady Rock...

Right out of the bat I must point out that THESE FIGURES have a LOT LESS Articulation than the elite Figures. No thigh cut, ab crunch, single joint knee, no bicep cut... They're like the Basic figures for kids. but semi modular parts.
3.0 They are great for standing around, but these ain't WWE Elite figures, so poses are limited...  Cape's a bit stiff...

Paint and sculpt:
Due to his sandals, he has a bit of paint in some of his body parts, but there's a lo of areas that could've used some paint and didn't get any paint.
I think he's 100% new parts.

Decal Sheet, shillelagh, Cape... but to be fair, he's a basic character, not a deluxe figure like Sting, or HHH. 3.0

Samus gets a 3.33 as his overall score. For generic Filler Fodder he's not that bad. Not to mention being on Clearance, because there is no way that I'll pull a Merchant from RE4...

In other news... By the time this is published... I'll be there... I'll be ready! Never your fear... Now don't you fear! I'll be there... Forever and always I'm always here!! It's kind of WWE related... It has The Rock in it! I'm gonna try and see Baywatch... Please Hoff, have a decent cameo in this...

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