May 5, 2017

It Came From the Toy Chest: Sailor Lightning Tomboy

Who is actually NOT a Lesbian... Those come later in the series... Not yet out of the Toy Chest because I don't want to buy the Outer Senshi... Saturn and Pluto are a bit expensive...
So, Sailor Jupiter... She's the fourth Senshi to be awakened (Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus) She's the tough one (due to her tragic past with her parents dying on an airplane crash)

The Articulation on ALL 5 Senshi is mostly the same. I point this out now since this part may be copied and pasted on each of the Senshi Reviews, but each Senshi has some Articulation that is Specifically made for Each. The range Of Articulation, particularly on the arms is astounding. Even though the Senshi have skirts, they have slits and the skirt overlaps the front and back to hide the slits. (I assume this was what the 4 Horsemen were trying to emulate for MOTUC, but Mattel design, in their ass backwards ways didn't understand)

She can easily pull off most of the key poses from the Anime. (Since this one is based on the Anime.) As with all Figuarts figures, some poses require the use of a stand... (Especially with the tiny feet on heels that the Senshi have)

Now specifically for Sailor Jupiter, her Ponytail articulated. It's on a ball joint that allows for some dynamic posing, but not as dynamic as you'd think.

Paint and Sculpt:
What can I say here that I haven't said on past Senshi? The paint
is applied nicely and there are no obvious signs of slop or paint bleed on her. The use of Metallics on her skirt makes it look like Satin (not Satan). The sculpt is similar to the other senshi, but with some parts made specifically for Jupiter .

-10 extra hands
-3 Extra Faceplates
-Extra hairpiece with the Jupiter Thunder Antenna

Jupiter gets a 5.0 as her final score. The only complaint I have is the lack of thunder effects, but Bandai has Generic Thunder effects that you can buy...
 If I were to mention another gripe is that they can be a tad annoying needing the stands for some stuff.

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