Apr 7, 2013

List of Villains I'd like to see on Spider-Douche movies.

OK, we got The Lizard on the First Spider-Douche Movie. Electro and Rhino might be on the Second movie... Now here's a list of Villains I'd like to see:

Kraven The Hunter: Perfect to pair off against The Lizard... (the first Spider-Douche wasted the perfect opportunity to have Kraven.)

Mysterio: Sure he'd require SFX, but SFX IS his shtick!

Vulture: If we ARE going to have a Flying Villain, we NEED the Vulture!!

Sandman: I know that he was the villain in that awful Tobey-Man 3, but If we pair him up with Morris Bench, AKA Hydro-Man we could have a final showdown with the Mud Thing... but if Sandy is a big no-no, I'm willing to take Hydroman as an acceptable substitute... (Spider-Douche MUST make a Hydrant man joke)

Doctor Octopus: Yes, I know we had him in the Superior Tobey-Man 2, BUT The Sinister Six NEED Their Leader.

Aside Hydro-Man, all the villains I've listed so far ARE members of the Original Sinister Six... Screw Norman Osborn and his Flying broom!! The best way to "end" a Spidey Movie series IS WITH THE SINISTER SIX!!

Shocker could work well for a cameo... Hell, Electro AND Rhino could work as "cameo villains" but they'll be the villains on Amz S-D2...

Now for the list of Villains I DO NOT want to see:

Anything Symbiote Related: No Venom, no Carnage.

Morbius the Living Vampire...

Also I'm afraid of all the Twipire jokes that could be made with Morbius... Robert Pattinson as Morbius... GAH! I'm supposed to be working on HATING on Morbius, not make him cool!

Hammerhead, Tombstone or any other NY Mobster. Leave the Crimebosses to Dare Devil...

Big Wheel and  Rocket Racer... Nuff said! We Had Rocket racer in Tobey-Man 3... There was no goblin in that POS

CLONES!! Do I need to elaborate? This also includes The Jackal. Emma Stone clones might be tempting, nut Spider-Douche clones are blegh!

Goblins: There I said it... I don't want any Green, hob, demo or any other type of Goblins in Spider-Douche...

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