Apr 11, 2013

I miss Muppet Babies.

I've been doing some LPS Catching up and watching the entire First Season... can't wait for the remaining 3 Episodes... but one of the episodes has this Little Sequence:

It did remind me of something else...

Yes, I miss Muppet Babies. A show that is very unlikely to make it to DVD due to the myriad of Licensing and Copyright issues due to the various clips from movies, etc. used in the show.

It's a shame I can't watch Muppet Babies on TV cause they're no longer available... It brings back memories from my childhood. If I recall correctly Nick showed Reruns of Muppet Babies during their Nick Jr. Block... I think it was before Eureeka's Castle or was it after David the Gnome? In any case... I remember Homemade Microwave burgers (OK more like Globs of Cheez Whiz and a patty somewhere buried in the molten Processed Cheese Sauce)  and jumping on my mom's bed with the AC cranked up. I'm probably feeling Nostalgic and it's funny how watching one clip of that show made me feel all those "nostalgic waves" crashing and taking me through flashbacks to a simpler time... Back when Nickelodeon was fun and more kid friendly... when TLC stood for Educational stuff and not Toddlers and Tiaras... SO, where was I? Yes! Muppet Babies. The whole Imagination scenes that Littlest Pet shop is doing remind me of Muppet Babies. I wish we had more shows like that...

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