Apr 2, 2013

Now this is the story all about how, aunt Viv 1 wants to end the feud. Apparently Willie's big ego has been the biggest foe here. It's noce of her trying to end this... But I believe's Will's Ginormous Ego... The same one that has been talking crap about Jamie Foxx and his role in Django Unchained; will not end this. Cause he's Will Smith.

Double Rainboom came... It was OK... I mean it was great for a fan-made video, but it was OK-ish as an episode. To be Honest, there were far too many visual gags/references compared to a normal episode. I'll be honest: The plot twist after the double rainboom was the biggest disappointment. It's only highlight was Pinkie Pie at the end.

but if you want to see a different kind of MLP Fan made video

Warning, you may generate LIQUID PRIDE while watching this. So watch Snowdrop first and then Double Rainboom... No, this is not a sneaky way to keep these videos accessible for my personal use.

Bieber's banned from Vienna Club after Entourage got physical with fans...

Let's get obvious Physical joke out of the way... Breaking Cameras, phones and groping girls... Way to go Bieberguards! Seiously, battery charges, Authorities confiscated his Monkey at Germany... Methinks JB needs to lay low and become invisible, cause this notoriety is not making him look badass, just ass. Also, with all that money he can't afford to buy pants that actually fit him and maybe a pair of shirts? Or at least some suspenders for his pants.

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