Apr 21, 2013

Why are the Comet Warriors Needed in MOTUC?

I've ranted about the Meteorbs, Glimmer, Hydron, the Movie Figures before. Like the Meteorbs, another unpopular group of MOTU Characters: The Comet Warriors... Also known as the Rock People. Not the ROCK LORDS...

OK, How could you NOT WANT them? they're dudes that turn into rocks and fight EVIL!!
Looking at the toys, they'd require a LOT of new Tooling. But they even had an appearance on She-Ra: Princess of Power. Like Snout Spout and other Tail-End Masters Figures; the Comet Warriors were Featured on Princess of Power. They also show up on the Slime Pit Mini Comic.

So, let's Recap:
-They had Toys in the 80s
-They Showed up on a Filmation Cartoon
-They bolster the ranks of the Heroic Warriors OR The Great Rebellion depending on your canon.
-They're a 2 people Faction. Easiest group to complete (or 3 people if we count Granita. Toywise, it's just Stonedar and Rokkon)

Nope! No reason to NOT Make them aside Tooling Budget?

Yes, these guys would require a bit of new tooling. The outer rocks aren't the same for them, or most of the body parts. If played Smart and the Basic Comet Warrior "buck" is made, the  Torso, armor parts and outer Rock "plates" can be treated as armor... Worst Case Scenario would be NON-Transforming Rock Warriors. But seeing as the vintage ones transformed by Bending over; I don't see Mattel eliminating that feature for them.

I'm pretty sure that IF we DO see the Comet Warriors in Masters of the Universe Classics And the Line gets the extra booster shot it needs... Maybe, just Maybe there's a chance for the Meteorbs to make it to the line! ;)

Cause Seriously, If I'm rallying for the Space Egg animals; I might as well rally for their "human counterparts" (that is assuming that the Meteorbs are the animals of the Comet Warriors in Classics Canon... I know about the Orbs not being originally from Mattel.)

I'm not saying...

they CAN wait, but if they DID show up it'd be awesome... Preferably single carded. Though a Two-Pack might get them out of the way faster.. Hopefully they are NOT the $50 item mentioned for Q4.
I'm not Dying to get them (Glimmer, Hydron, Flogg, etc. have that honor), but they're not the bottom of the barrel for me... they're almost at the bottom of the barrel FOR the Original MOTU Line, but the Prehistoric Beyblades are the crowning achievement of the bottom of the barrel... (yes, I'm poking fun at the Energy Zoids, but I hope that their fans CAN get them... Cause they're easier to make than the Rock People)...

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