Apr 5, 2013

It Came from the Toy Chest: In the Jungle the Mighty Jungle the Clone Sleeps Tonight

It's time for a Double Whammy It Came from the toy chest!! This one will be an old school written video, cause It's the only way I can do it... (Needed to save my voice for the Council of the First Ones featuring Scott Neitlich) As a matter of fact I am writing this review as the Council of the First Ones get ready to start the podcast and call him!(Isn't it funny? I'm reviewing 2 Hasbro Toys while preparing to talk with Mattel's ToyGuru!) So, before I actually start the review, here's the background music for this review...

You should figure out which 2 Marvel Figure's I'm reviewing with the title alone... If not well It's

Kraven the Hunter! One of the Original Sinister Six (surprised that Hasbro hasn't Released a Marvel Universe Spider-Man VS The Sinister Six Pack)
This toy doesn't specify WHICH Kraven this is: It could be the Resurrected (BLEGH!) Sergei Kravinoff or if this is Alyosha Kravinoff (Kraven II) Or if it's just as stylized take on Sergei's costume. Personally I'd prefer the CLASSIC Kraven Costume... This one looks good, but it's not the Iconic look.
The Hunter Shall be Released form this Plastic Prison!

Let's get to the Rating's part on Mr. Kravinoff where 1 is crap and 5 is Outstanding!

I'm not used to rate marvel Universe Figures, but even though Kraven is a Series 4 Figure, his Articulation is similar to that of Spider-Man's (from the Amazing Spider-Friends set...)
He's got a ball joint head (though the up down movement is slightly limited), a cut on his torso, waist rotation, ball joint shoulders, bicep swivel, single joint elbows, rotating wrists. The legs are not on a ball joint but have a nice range of motion. Double Jointed knees and a pseudo ball joint on the feet (Like the Joe Figures) and yes I copied and pasted most of this from the Spider-Friends Spidey... He gets also a 4.0 in Articulation.

Paint and Sculpt:
The Hunter's Bracelets are painted cause Logistics!
We're sounding like Mattel over here!!!
I am WAY Out the loop with marvel Universe... and Marvel Toys in general... Hasbro lost me as a ML Customer a long time ago... Blame Mattel's MOTUC for that. I'm certain that the only new parts on him are the head, Vest, Loincloth/belt and lower legs. The bands on his biceps are tampographed (as well as the wraps on his forearms and hands) Some of the spots on his left armband are a bit fuzzy, but other than that, he seems pretty flawless. 4.5 I don't understand why he has a "Gun Wielding left hand", since Kraven avoids using guns, cause he prefers to take his prey face to face.

The Hunter has STUFF!!
The Hunter carries a Spear and a Knife! He also has a necklace that for some strange reason is not ON the Figure and you have to pop his head to put it on.
4.33 for Kraven the Hunter. The Sculpt is sweet, He HAS Accessories which is odd for Marvel Universe figures. He HAS A DECENT Range of Articulation, but his non-Iconic look is the only turn-off for me... Now I need a Sandman, a Mysterio, a Vulture and a DECENT Doc Ock...


OK now for part two of the review... We discussed the In the Jungle part of the Title... Now we need to tackle the Clone Sleeps tonight...
It's not Madelyne Pryor, or Stryfe... It's NOT an X-Clone or Kaine... although I'd buy the heck out of a Kaine figure... Spider-Clone Extraordinaire: Ben Reilly: Scarlet Spider!!
Ah! Ben Reilly, the butt of many jokes and a better ending for Spider-Man than the whole lameass Faustian Pact with Joe Quesada.

Clones... I hate Clones!!
So: Guy who claims to be Peter Parker returns to New York and finds ANOTHER Peter Parker being Spidey, Married to Mary Jane. since he kinda can't BE Spider-Man; this Peter uses a makeshift costume. The Scarlet Spider... I... Cause Scarlet Spider II was a villain and Scarlet Spider III is the man known as KAINE... (who I'd love to have a figure of his 90s suit!)

Let's tackle the ratings part for Scarlet Spider. Like Kraven, the ratings are still the same 1 = crap and 5 = good.

Does Whatever a Spider Can!!
Articulation:He's got a ball joint head (though the up down movement is slightly limited), a cut on his torso, waist rotation, ball joint shoulders, bicep swivel, single joint elbows, rotating wrists. The legs are not on a ball joint but have a nice range of motion.(Kinda like the Joe figures) He also has a thigh cut articulation... Like Wave 1 and 2 of Toybiz ML or the Proto-ML Spider-Man Classics.  Double Jointed knees and a pseudo ball joint on the feet. It's a 4.5 for Ben Reilly!
Look Out! Here Comes the Spider-Clone!!

Paint and Sculpt:
Sculptwise I believe he's 80% Symbiote Spider-Man reuse. The Upper Legs are what may be from another character. The Scarlet Spider Specific stuff (hoodie, pouches, belt, external web shooters are new sculpt.) He's pretty much one solid color. The detailing is mostly on the hoodie. there is no visible slop on the painted parts. I must point out one nifty thing. the Chest Spider Tampo has 2 spots where no paint was applied because the Strings from the hoodie are in those two spots. It looks like the strings ARE OVER the Spider Emblem... Super cool!
Just like the Sword of Protection is different to the Power Sword
The clone is not like the Original...


1 Crappy Stand... Well, it's not really crappy, but All the other Spidey figures get a little clip-on web thingie that this figure did not get.
A stand... no webbing or anything.
for Ben Reilly The Scarlet Spider. He lost a couple of points due to his lack of accessories. I'm a bit more excited about him than Kraven though...

It was a bit nice to return to the old review Format... I think I may have to do this more often!!

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