Apr 3, 2013

Shinai naru Cerestia-hime

Today I learned that I can't stand the Japanese Opening of My Little Pony!!

It doesn't have that My Little Pony vibe that the American Theme has.

Heck! The Italian version is VERY in-sync with the MLP feeling WHILE being totally different from the American theme... not to mention that the song ACTUALLY SAYS "MY LITTLE PONY!!" even if it's a bit too long!
Hell! Even the Super long unused intro feels more like My Little Pony than the Japanese Intro...

Seriously, is that intro some twisted form of revenge for 4Kids? or Funimation? Or maybe Harmony Gold? Must resist temptation to bring forth THAT SONG... Still... What is Faster, Rainbow Dash or one of those "birds"?

Back on topic: I wonder if they'll butcher the episodes like America did to Macross, Dragon Ball, Yu-Gi-Oh!, etc. or if they'll be faithful to the original? There is one way to find out... By watching the Japanese My Little Pony!! That may be one of the many ways to spend time before MLP: FIM Season 4!

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