Apr 18, 2013

DC MOTU Comic Rant part Deux

Remember last time how I ranted about the 6-part Mini series of MOTU?
The comic is now an ongoing series... Seems like not much has changed.

That's Teela stripping on a hallway while Dekker, Man-at-Arms and Adam are with her.
This is the More Mature MOTU that Mattel is allowing DC to make. This makes no sense at all

Seriously, she removes her pants without her boots? Just to have a shot of Teela in her bra and panties, not to mention a little hint of

The comic itself isn't that bad, but this gratuitous Bra and panties shot bugged me a little bit. Part of me feels that this "mature" take is coming off as Immature and that may be detrimental to MOTU in the long run. I really hope that these "fanservice" shots are reduced and eventually eliminated. They are not needed to make MOTU more Mature... I wouldn't say no to a more Mature MOTU, if it was REALLY more Mature. (deeper storytelling, justified violence, while remaining faithful to MOTU) If it's just Immature "mature" then I'd rather have none... I know it's a bit of Déjà vu, but it REALLY grinds my gears when beloved childhood characters become so twisted that they don't even resemble the characters they are supposed to be.


  1. I completely agree. I haven't read the issue yet, but from the looks of the scene with Teela in her bra and panties in front of her father no less, that is creepy and tacky. I hope this won't be the way the comic goes where there are shots of these really strong powerful women standing around in their underwear just for a little drooling purpose.

  2. Seems you were born in a sad age, since you can't enjoy some gratuitous
    silliness. I suggest you keep out of the Louvre and other art museums, because guess what, they are full of gratuitous nudity!

    1. Dude, you missed the point just like a Stormtrooper missed the shot at the broad side of a Star Destroyer with a picture of Luke Skywalker on it.

      Nudity is expected in a museum. Especially if it has pieces from the Classical Greek eras and or Renaissance pieces (that are emulating the Classical Greek Art).

      Now does it make sense to you that a high ranking Military officer decides to strip down while walking down a Hallway of a Palace, while talking to a Prince, her CO and another Military Advisor?

      I'm not against nudity. I just want the nudity to have some reason to be there other than "We're showing titties, just cause we can!" (Especially when dealing with a comic based on a Children's Toyline.)