Apr 27, 2013

Top 10 Masters of the Universe Vehicles Needed in MOTU Classics.

I already reviewed the Sole Vehicle in MOTU Classics. Sadly Mattel has whined about it "not selling within their expectations" (and I don't see it selling any batter since they increased the price of an already made item...)

But I digress, Here's the top 10 vehicles needed in MOTU Classics. Some would be considered beasts, but since their function is to transport character(s), I call them vehicles.

10: Dragon Walker:
My favorite MOTU Vehicle from my Childhood.

It's Impractical, Loud and Slow... but that sound is ingrained so heavily in my Childhood... also Dragon Freaking walker sculpted by the FourHorsemen...

9: Enchanta:
Remember when I said that some would be considered "beasts" Well, this Giant Girly Swan can Transport 3 Queens/Princesses or two and Bow (or He-Man if you're recreating a Sweet Bee's Home Display). I know some people would be against Enchanta, but my reply is: This is the closest thing I'll have to a MOTU Chocobo... Don't make me take out the Pink Girly Viking Ship or whatever the Butterflyer is... (I know it's the Girl Toy version of Battle Bones, but Pink Girly Viking Ship makes it sound slightly more badass!)

8: Battle Ram Chariot:
Not to be confused with the Battle Ram of Vintage days, the Battle Ram Chariot is a vehicle used by Skeletor in the 200X Era.

It gives Skeletor a Gladiator-esque look while allowing Faker to Ride Panthor. (Why would Faker Ride Panthor? Um, He-Man rides Battle Cat so it makes sense that Evil He-Man Robot should ride the evil cat.)

7: Bola Jet:
The First New Adventures Vehicle on the list.

The Bolajet is even mentioned (Misspelled) on Cy-Chop's bio. It's a vehicle that the Galactic Guardians  Protectors use. (Impractical due to its action feature, but it's a one seater and right now we have no GP  aside the Flying Icarius.)

6: Shuttle Pod/Dread Wing and Terrorclaw/Terrapod:It's two vehicles, but they combine...
Some would call it Cheating, but I call it a Combo... Kinda like the Vintage Battle Ram, but this one seems that they were sold separately. IF they were to be made Mattel should just make it a 2-for-1 Vehicle.

5: Attak Trak: (Filmation Styled)
I know many prefer the toy version, but I prefer the Filmation version... It's like the TMNT Party Wagon, before the TMNT Party Wagon!!

4: Roton:
Come on! It IS on the MOTUC Wind Raider card art... That's Reason enough to get this Evil Vehicle!

3: Land Shark:
This was my Second favorite MOTU Vehicle... The Land shark!!

2: The Collector:

One of the two Filmation vehicles for the Evil Warriors (the other is the Basher, while Logistically doable, I don't like it as much) The issue with this one is that it would be roughly as big as Starship Eternia from New Adventures, but this is a very desired vehicle!

1: Battle Ram and Sky Sled:

This is THE Obvious MOTUC Vehicle... The Four Horsemen sculpted a model of this baby in their own free time... Sadly Mattel hasn't done anything to deliver this baby to our shelves... or at least the Sky Sled part... Selling Separate Sky Sleds as evergreen items would be almost like Printing Money. They're THE Perfect Army Building Vehicle in MOTU. Heroic Warriors use them, Evil Warriors use them, They're The official vehicle of the Eternos Army *cough cough* Palace guards riding sky sleds *cough cough* They would sell better than the stands currently on sale.

Honorable Mentions:

-Talon Fighter
-Stridor and Night Stalker
-Starship Eternia
-Astro Sub
-Battle Bones
-Road Ripper
-Velvet Glove
-Zodac's Cosmic Chair

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