Apr 14, 2013

Going Turbo? Nah!

I saw the New Max Steel...
Doesn't feel like Max Steel to me... Feels a bit more like Generatro Rex, Firebreather or Ben 10 than Max Steel.

It's NOT BAD, but it just doesn't feel like Max Steel to me. Not to mention that the Canadian VAs are a bit distracting... Nothing against Canadian VAs, but they make me think of Ponies, Littlest Pet Shop or MOTU 200X... I mean, Josh Max McGrath is Shining Armor, his mom is The Sorceress/Queen Marlena/ Princess Celestia/Cheerilee/Zoe Trent, his Uncle is King Randor, the little Robot Sidekick is Russell from Littlest Pet Shop/Edd from Ed, Edd and Eddy, Agent Kat Ryan is Evil Lyn/The Great and Powerful Trixie/Dot Matrix/Mrs. Twombly...
The bad guy's right hand man is Skeletor... So, that distracts me a little bit. Now, the new Max Steel is more Superhero-like and less James Bond meets ESPN from the previous series.

Since it's a Mattel show, it's airtime will strongly depend on the toys... and MAN those toys blow chunks! I do not foresee this show lasting too much. The extreme departure from the previous Max Steel series (that was still churning toys for the Latin American market until recently) may cause it to not be as popular in Latin America... where they even got a Cyber Tiger made out of a MOTU Classics Battle Cat... (in a Reverse Big Jim/MOTU thing.)

I hope it lasts long enough, but like I said, Mattel is the one who will cause the demise of the toon... I've seen it before.

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