Apr 13, 2013

a Cosplay-less NYCC? WTF?

Seriously? Going after cosplayers? I kinda get the reasoning, but at the same time it MIGHT kill NYCC as an important venue. There's a HUGE difference between cosplayers and the "performance artists" that dress up as characters for money. It's Money...

Would this mean that Times Square will lose the characters that roam it?

Or just the ones that are dressed up as fictional characters.
I can't say that this is a great idea, but let's hope the result is something that will not screw cosplayers.

Oh no... This is just... 3 dudes were arrested in Wyoming by the cops cause... don't laugh... THE POLICE FOLLOWED THE CRIMINALS' FOOTPRINTS IN THE SNOW...

These guys failed because they never played Metal Gear Solid...

Oh Forget not! The Stinking cockroaches at Universal are going to remake a movie mang! They don't call it a remake, but an updated story... just like the 1983 movie I'm talking about is an updated version of the 1930s version.

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