Apr 7, 2013

Icarius needs Help! 3 against one isn't fair!

He Totally needs his Partner in Heroics, Captain Hydron!
The Space SCUBA Diver...
OK, you can stop laughing now...

Seriously, Hydron is a SCUBA diver... IN SPACE!!

out of the 3 on this pic, only Hydron is missing cause NA He-Man is coming
The crazy part is that Hydron SEEMS like a rather easy Figure to do!
Looking at the currently Available MOTU Classics parts and at Hydron here's what I got:

Captain Hydron Recipe while reusing as many parts as possible:
HEADS and Helmet: New
Torso Armor: with SCUBA TANK New
Weapons: New (add as a second weapon the Longer Spear Rifle from the Spin-fist Hydron) the third weapon would be the holstered knife on his right thigh.
Main Body: Normal Human Body
Ab piece: Hordak Flat Ab Piece
Loincloth: Reuse Kobra Khan's if a new piece is not on the charts
Arms: Normal Human Arms with Hordak Gloves
Lower Legs: Either Demo-Man's for the "bare leg" look OR normal Legs with Flipshot Boots to give him the leg fins. Personally I prefer the Flipshot boots for two reasons:
they create the fin from the vintage toy AND the little thruster inside the leg could be used to help propel him underwater.
Most likely New, BUT I'd prefer if they used the Stratos "sock feet" and give him clip on fins. Cause seriously, Hydron walking around wearing diving fins ALL the time would look ridiculous!!

I mean he even shows up on the Neitlichverse mini comic #3 and has a SPEAKING PART!! It's ridiculous that the only Galactic Protector we have is FlipShot when the line is nearing it's 5th year!
Yes, New Adventures styled He-Man is coming, BUT it's like having Robin and Superman with no Batman on a DC display... Robin pairs up with Batman, just like Mary Kate and Ashley...

Neitlich has made it clear that New Adventures IS WAY LOW on the priorities. Vintage MOTU and POP come first. That is understandable since New Adventures is the black sheep of the MOTU brand.
What I do NOT Understand is WHY are they piling up the Space Mutants when Flogg is nowhere to be seen and the only NA Hero we have is Flipshot. I mean I'm not asking for Drissi or the Scientists here (who I'd like to see classicized... well, I'm more interested in Drissi than the Scientists). Hydron is very important to New Adventures... Kinda like Glimmer in Princess of Power who we lack and Neitlich seems to avoid mentioning her... Don't know if it's cause she's coming or cause he dislikes me... Hopefully it's the first!

It would royally suck if the line ends and we have leaderless factions (mutants, GProtectors or The Great Rebellion)!

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