Nov 7, 2012

It Came from the toy chest: gyakukata mushokutoumeidoubu roboto no senshi

I think I just butchered 2 languages for this rant's title. It's supposed to be something like Reversed Shoulder Transparent Torso Robot Soldier!
Thank you very much!
I'm speaking of MOTU's very own Game Machine turned War Machine... ROBOTO!!
Are you ready to feel the power of the BLUE EYES ULTIMATE DRAGON, MAN-E-YUGI?
I know what you're gonna say:
Roboto? I'm sure that Nefty will add the Styx song...
and you'd be right, but that would be way too obvious... but since I'm here to please ya, HIT IT SPIKE!

So, The Mighty Robot, Trap Jaw's Legs and Optikk's crotch are old, everything else is new... (Arms reused on Horde Prime (except the hands. SMAA reused the biceps as well) The Torso reused on Cy-Suck... Cy-Chop, His Attachments were on Weapons Pack # 2... so, yeah, he was pretty new, but broguth forth a bunch of reusable parts!

So, now that we've discussed Roboto, let's take a look at my ratings!
Exactly the same as a normal MOTUC, minus the Ab Crunch for obvious reasons and Jaw Articulation... I need to mention that his gears move when turning the waist, but not the mouth!
Blathering blatherskite!
Paint and Sculpt:
 as discussed above he reuses a lot of stuff and brings forth new parts. The new parts are cool, but Mattel's design team made one HUGE screw-up... besides the Reversed Shoulders. I'm talking about not making the left arm removable.That would've spiced up the heck out of Roboto!
The paints are OK, but the black wash on his legs looks like it was traces with sharpie and makes Roboto look like he's leaking burnt oil.
He has the same stuff as the vintage Roboto... Sadly my vintage Roboto was lost to a despicable act by a relative... So let's compare him to the 200X version... (one of the few 200X toys that hasn't broken off yet...)
Everything you can do I can do Better, shrimp!
OK I must admit that your claw IS Awesome...

I'd Axe you a question, but You'd come empty-handed.

put it there bud... Whoops!

Armor!? You have Chest Armor!? FFFFFFFFUUUUUUU-

Crap! This Armor doesn't fit!
Where was I? Oh yeah, he has all 3 vintage accessories and a brand new RIGHT HAND!

for the Eternian King of Games! He would've scored higher if it wasn't for the reverse shoulders. I must warn people that he also suffers from weird transparent or translucent plastic issues... He may crack at the torso. Hopefully a 2.0 version of him could show up... Maybe in 200X Colors, corrected shoulders, new hand (compatible with HP's left forearm), new mouthpiece and chest armor.

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