Sep 28, 2023

Were you watching Goblet of Fire, Haley Joel!!!? Nefty asked calmly.

 As you can probably guess by the title of this rant, somebody died. The reason is that I'm referring to the most popular Osment. But the Dumbledore asked calmly reference is more worrisome.

82 year old Michael Gambon died peacefully at a hospital due to a bout with pneumonia. My condolences to friends and family. I have to be truthful and admit, that the MAIN reason I know of Gambon is Dumbledore. Professor Dean Zayas did mention him a couple of times alongside Laurence Olivier and other famous stage actors that moved to film.  May he rest in peace. Wait, he was General Zevo in Toys... now that's a movie I haven't seen in ages. I remember the shitty SNES game that my stepsister had.

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