Sep 6, 2023

Ryu jist shinkuuhadouken'd all over my mouth

 I was at an Asian Food Store getting some of Uncle Roger's favorite white powder when I saw these:

Sparkling Tea Drinks featuring Street Fighter Characters. The available flavors were:
Ken = White Grape Tea
Ryu = Apple Tea
Chun Li = Peach Tea 

I've hated peach tea long before Zack Snyder made a urine joke about it. That is one of the two reasons why I didn't buy the Chun-Li can. The other is that each can cost me like five bucks for 11 oz of drink. I know I could have gotten them for cheaper online but when I add shipping costs and taxes I would have to buy like 20 or 30 cans in order to see savings. I wasn't going to spend that shit ton of money buying some drinks that I may not like. So I got the two flavors that I can drink without any issue.

I drank both of them and it's kinda hard to choose a favorite. I honestly didn't feel any black tea tones. I felt mostly the fizz and the fruit flavor. Feels a bit too sweet for an Asian drink, but not American drink level of sweet. It's a bit weird but the Ryu Apple drink felt more "classy" than Ken's "white grape Fanta from Wish". 

Honestly these are more a novelty items that an actual drink that I would buy to, well, drink. But it seems only Ryu, Ken, and Chun-Li are the characters selected...
I mean it would've been cool to have:
Guile = Lemon Tea
Blanka = Watermelon Tea
Zangief = Raspberry Tea
E.Honda = Blueberry tea
Dhalsim= Apple Cinnamon Tea
(BALROG)Bison = Red grape Tea
(VEGA)Balrog = Fruit punch Tea  (red because blood)
Sagat = Orange Mango Tea
(BISON)Vega = Rose and Lime Tea 

(If Cammy was made, she'd be lime. It matches part of dictator's flavor because canon.)

But thank goodness it's only three flavors so I don't have to hunt down 12 to 17 flavors or even more if they add Alpha Characters.

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