Sep 25, 2023

I saw Expend4bles...

 Legolambs seems to have hurt Stallone and company with their Musical.

 Also, making Expendables 3 for pussies didn't help... wait a minute! Ronda Rousey was in Expendables 3 and was the worst part of the movie, because of her acting impairment... in Expend4bles, we have Megan Fox, who is the worst part of the movie, because of her acting impairment. History repeats itself.

There were only nine people watching the movie, with me being one of them, my ex being another... (friendly breakup. We function better as friends than a couple, but that's TMI). 9 people, Yikes! But wait, it gets worse: Andy Garcia is in this. When she saw Andy, she blurted: "He's the bad guy!" I was like: "Just because Andy Garcia is in this, doesn't mean he's the bad guy!" He was the bad guy. His codename was:

OCELOT!!, Which I yelled while making a bad Snake impression. Megan Fox is way too much in this movie and there's very little Stallone. 50 Cent did a much better work than Megan Fox. 

People whined about the CGI in The Flash, but Expend4bles has late PS1 FMV effects. The movie had a $100 Million budget, but it looks like they only spent $100K on the SFX. As much as I like Stallone and gratuitous violence, this movie was crap. And I mean, direct to DVD modern Seagal movie levels of bad. I mean Sci-Fi Channel levels of bad. Not Supershark levels of bad but Sharknado 3 levels of bad. I should have seen Gran Turismo instead.

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