Sep 16, 2023

It Came from the Toy Chest: She was supposed to be a ginger!!


Not a Sister... I am talking about Andra, based on Kevin Smith's Bastardization of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe! Now that I got that out of my system, let's begin.

She was Buffy's better half after Adam died and was the Riri Williams to Duncan's Tony Stark. Honestly I got her because she was like $13 shipped.

Teela: Oh Andra, is so good to see you!
Andra: Oh, T! I've missed you a lot!
Teela: I've missed you too my chocolate A... What are you doing He-Man?
He-Man: I asked Orko to do some magic and he said he saw scissors in your future, so I went and got you some!
Teela: The only reason I keep him around is because of the Power of Grayskull is AMAZING!
Andra: You mean to save Eternia, right?
Teela: Giggity!
Andra: Gurl, you gotta share with your bestie!
Teela: But only after Taco Tuesday!
He-Man: But isn't it Saturday?

Remember Teela and She-Ra, well Andra has the same articulation on paper. The problem is the rigid plastic on her shoulderpads and the semi stiff skirt piece. The articulation gets reduced a bit here.
Teela:A, are you doing my dad's pose?
Andra: What about it, T?
Teela: Crystal falls, A...
Andra: Mmmmm! Same.
He-Man VO: I just realized your nicknames are T&A! And they actually suit you because Teela has the better rack, but her butt is flat. Andra's rack might be smaller, but she has the whole cake factory!
Teela: Sands of time, A...
Andra: Crystal Sea here, T. Can't wait to have the power of Grayskull in me!

Paint and sculpt:
Nice paintjob and sculpt that captures the character pretty well. The only complaint would be on how cheap her cloak feels. My stance on sculpted capes has changed a bit when soft goods are done well, but here it feels janky. It's weird because it uses some fancy material that has different textures but doesn't drape well. On the figure.
He-Man: What's with the music,  the candles, the mysterious mask, and sexy cloak?
Andra: Don't you like me? I'm your girl!

Andra has:
Alt. Mask
4 extra hands
Blast effect
CAREFUL when swapping parts with her. I got distracted by a phone call while changing her hands and accidentally shoved one in the wrong hole.  I'm talking about the hole for the blast effect.  She has no weapon other than that.
He-Man: What are you doing this for?
Andra: I want you... I want your body...
He-Man: Oh this is one of those Neftyverse skits where everybody is like a horny 16 year old... well, that's sexual harassment and i don't have to take it!
Andra: So we're gonna do it or what?
He-Man: Could you do this One thing for me?

Andra gets a 4.33 as her final score. I got her because I said I would. The figure isn't that bad, but it's the show itself that has made me meh, about her. I would be lying if I say that I didn't get her for the scissors joke.
And-Ra: Fly! Swift Wind! Aaah! What the Hell, She-Ra!?
She-Ra: What the Hell is going on here? Did my brother put you up to this? *sniff* I'm going to step back since I'm too close to the splash zone...
Andra: Splash Zone?
She-Ra: sword to Umbrella!
Orko VO: where did all this yogurt come from?

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