Sep 11, 2023

My top wanted Masterverse figures:

 While I'm not a huge fan of Masterverse, since I find them inferior to Classics, I have a few figures and right now Whiplash and Adam are sitting in my Pile of Loot at BBTS. So, let's do a small list:

We have She-Ra, we need her Secret Identity.

Did this want surprise anyone? I hope not, because everyone here should already know that I simp hard for classic Glimmer.

Deluxe Bow with Kowl
Friendzone Lord Bow is all I need to have my core rebels.

We needs more core Horde and he's a fan favorite.

Because freaky scorpion lady looks cool.

New Eternia Evil Lyn
We need an Evil Lyn that isn't tied to Kevin Smith's Bastardization of He-Man. I just want a classic looking Evil Lyn.

New Eternia Hordak
Hordak had some strange concepts before becoming the Hordak we know and loathe. They could combine elements from multiple concepts to deliver a deluxe Hordak.

New Eternia Fisto
I would use elements from both 200X AND vintage mini comics to spice up this Fisto. Some new things would be added as well. Here's my take:
Long haired mini comics head with 200X circlet.
Alt. Head with 200X circlet and short hair
2 sets of torso armor:
-one "vintage inspired"
- new with sculpted harness to hold his large sword.
Removable 200X belt
Non metal fist with alternate right hand to hold his sword. (Right forearm would have the right bracer part of his gauntlet sculpted in)
Larger 2 handed version of Tri-klops blade.

Deluxe New Eternia Wun-Dar
Using the "savage He-Man" loincloth and arms on a normal Masterverse body with New Eternia He-Man boots (for the knife) and New Eternia Faker's head makes the body for Wun-Dar. The NE Zodac Armor, NE Merman (repainted in Wun-Dar colors) and combinations of pre-existing bracers like He-Man's, Tri-klops, deluxe MAA. Add New Eternia Buzz-Off's axe, zodac gun, and Tri-klops blade in Wun-Dar colors. Since the figure is 190% parts reuse and most of his accessories would be molded in black or rust brown, he should be "cheaper" to make. 
"Story" is simple: a savage scavenger who was raised by a former cosmic enformer that was wounded in the last great war. Indoctrinated in the cosmic enforcer ways, Wun-Dar became a savage hero throughout Preternia after the fall of Grayskull. He even trained some of Grayskull's champions long before Adam was entrusted with the Power of Grayskull... or something.

Revelation Marlena
You KNOW I will get her just to make Clueless and Batman and Robin references.

Revelation Randor
I asked for Marlena, I kinda need her husband. Burger King References shall be made.

New Eternia Carnivus
I won't be adding 200X variants of existing characters, but Carnivus was a nice addition from 200X. More sentient races can help expand New Eternia.

New Eternia Dactys
Like I said with Carnivus, but this Bat dude would look badass!!

New Eternia Rio Blast
Here the issue is that his proto concept, Fire Power Man was a villain, which led to the Filmation Horde Colonel Blast. Maybe olay up the Cowboy aspect a bit more for him.

New Eternia Ninjor
Here Mattel can have some more freedom with the ninja concept and eventually give us a NE Samurai.

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