Oct 17, 2023

New Eternia figures I'm dying to see

 I do have a few Masterverse figures coming. But after seeing New Eternia MAA, I'm stoked and my gears are grinding...

This list won't be fully detailed, but some figures might get some more love than others.

New Eternia Teela:
They could go for Metal Bra Teela as her NE Look. Her skintone should match Revelation Teela. (You'll see why now)
She should have 2 heads:
Normal Blonde Teela with her long hair flowing.
Snake Priestess Helmet head. (The helmet part of the cobra armor)
For accessories:
Serpent staff
Removable cobra armor that should also fit Rev. Teela. 

New Eternia Keldor: (Dragon Blaster)
I know, Nefty, what are you thinking? Dragon Blaster is a Skeletor variant, Why am I adding Keldor?  Because it spices up the display.
If I were the writer, I'd have Keldor be an alchemist whose eldritch experiments led him to create his own personal dragon army. As seen with the small dragon he carries around. Forced to serve a fallen god, Keldor bides his time until he can free himself from his unholy master by taking Skeletor's power for himself.

His bio bit gives hint at what he does, drops hints of Hordak and of being transformed into Skeletor... while Skeletor already exists. (I'd say that Keldor TRIED to steal skeletor's power, but Skeletor was too strong and absorbed Keldor into him. 

The idea for the toy though, is mix and match parts. If you swap Keldor's armor for Skeletor, you can make a Keldor and a vintage inspired DB Skeletor.

Picture the normal Masterverse body from the neck down in keldor colors. New Keldor bracers, removable belt, and new keldor shinguards. Add new DB torso armor woth removable dragon. 

The accessories would be alternate hands and the 200X swords 

New Eternia Thunderpunch He-Man:
Basic NE He-Man body, but in Thunderpunch inspired colors.skintone must match new Eternia He-Man. New right forearm with the BA styled big bracer that can hold a shield. These would be used to plug the TP shield or thunderpunching effects.
The Torso armor would be new and reusing the Power Sword and knife from NE He-Man makes sense. Worst case scenario reuse Revelation He-Man harness in TP colors. The alternate hands would be fists for obvious reasons 
Heads would be the big deal here and one is a reuse. Faker in NE He-Man colors. The other head is a 200X King Grayskull inspired hairstyle for He-Man. 
Yes, if you happen to have a Revelation Grayskull, you could steal his armor and make a 200X Grayskull.

New Eternia Evil Lyn:
Here the design cues could come from a combination of concept stuff and 200X. The idea is to ensure that Evil Lyn doesn't end up like a Teela repaint.

New Eternia Mossman:
I want a Flocked New Eternia Beastman with new loincloth, new plant based armor inspured by Beastman and maybe reuse the Revelation tendril as his mace.

New Eternia Hordak:
If one figure is worthy of the "deluxe treatment" would be NE Hordak. There's just too many concept elements to borrow from. 

New Eternia Prince Adam:
I know that "Battle Armor He-Man" is technically New Eternia Adam. But what I mean is most folks would prefer something closer to the traditional Adam (Sorry Revelation Adam, most people like a meatier Adam.") I'm not like them. I want a Foppish adam from the Mark Taylor concept. Hat, coat, the whole shebang.

New Eternia King Randor and Queen Marlena:
I put both as a single entry, because you can't have them separate. They would be deluxe figures.

 Here's how I'd do Randor:
Basic Masterverse body in vintage Randor colors. New loincloth think Classic MK ninja style combined with MOTU. NEBAHM Belt, new shinguards similar to MAA (Worst case scenario reuse MAAs) New Torso Armor based on vintage or something new. Removable soft goods cape, new soft goods Robe and tunic (think Revelation Trap jaw). Alt. Hands, Reuse Whiplash Spear and add a Sword and Shield (Shield could be based on Vintage Grayskull and his sword could be based on the Grayskull flag sword)

Here's how I'd do Marlena:
From her waist up she could have a Filmation inspired outfit WITHOUT the huge collar. From thw waist down She'd wear tights and She-Ra boots in black. The idea is to switch from peace and war. I'd give her a removable piece of armor. The armor could be inspired by the "Fit to be Tied" fantastic fashion set from She-Ra... but in Marlena colors. For accessories alternate hands, alternate head without the crown. Soft goods skirt for peacetime look). A sword and blaster.

That's from the top of my head. A Merman would be interesting to see, but let's see what Mattel does.

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