Oct 17, 2023

I have 5 words that put together are super scary: Disney Plus Live Action Gargoyles

 I tremble with fear at the thought. So far Greg Wiseman isn't involved, but some dude from the Annabelle movies is involved. I know Gargoyles has to be a bit scary, since the Gargoyles are supposed to be monstrous looking... but it's on Disney Plus... will there be any race changes? Xanatos is supposed to be of Greek origin. Elisa is supposed to be part Cherokee... Those two shouldn't be touched...

But here are my top guesses for race swapping:

Matt Bluestone: He's a Ginger. They tend to become Black.

Owen Burnett: Xanatos very own "manservant". Yes, I lnow how tone-deaf it is, but you KNOW Puck is going to be black, so his human disguise will be black as well.

Fox is going to be black... cause Gingers.
Hyena and Jackal will be Asian...
Dingo will be Latin American doing bad Aussie impression.
Wolf will be Indian who is a Viking descendant, because diversity...

But the only ray of hope for this show would be:
Keith David voicing Goliath
Jeff Bennet voicing Brooklyn
Bill Fagerbakke voicing Broadway
Thom Adcox-Hernandez voicing Lexington
Frank Welker voicing Bronx.
JK Simmons voicing Hudson. Sadly Ed Asner is dead and the next best J.Jonah Jameson voice after Ed Asner is JK Simmons.
Marina Sirtis as Demona...

Yes it's the surviving cast because Gargoyles. Just find a way to have Jonathan Frakes have his way with a chair.

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