Oct 20, 2023

Oh no Paulie's dead

 Not Pauly Shore... Paulie, the robotfucker. Yeah, Paulie from the Rocky movies! What's his name, no, I don't mean his stage name "Burt Young". I mean his real name, his Italian name... Aha! Gerald Tommasso DeLouise. I miei condoglianze alla tua famiglia e ai tuoi amici.
Man my Italian is WAY Rusty... to be fair I've barely used it in the last 18 years. 

I know that he's been in a ton of movies and TV shows. My reaction has always been the same: "Hey! Isn't that Paulie the robotfucker? So, I'm  sprry that I can only recognize him as that. His role as Paulie was so Iconic that people associate him to the character...
I mean, look at this guy:
That's actor Jason Biggs. He was Leonardo in the 2012 TMNT cartoon. He has been in tons of movies and shows, but all you people see is a Pie Fucker... well, that's what happens to me whenever I realize Burt Young is in this that I'm watching...
But my brain goes to SICO saying Happy Birthday Paulie, and my thoughts take a predictable and immature turn.

May you rest in peace Gerald...you will always be my favorite... Second favorite Robot fucker... because Donatello does Machines...

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