Feb 7, 2020

Power-Con exclisives teased... MOTU Origins... blegh!

I detest Origins, not simply because they killed MOTUC...
My dislike runs deeper than that. I see them as a step back. Action figures technology has improved in the last 38 years yet Mattel is more interested in acting like it's 1981 all over again. "But they have modern articulation"... yet everything else is literally lifted from the 80s.

I still don't get who was the actual target audience here...
 but in the spirit of  Rend unto Caesar...  you know the rest!
These figures and the WWE ones understand what made Classics work:  the customization potential.
Between the origins figures and masters of the WWE figures there are plenty of spare parts to make brand new characters.  they are also meant to be cheaper than classics which makes them more accessible.

 With all that said powercon is going to have a 5 figure exclusive pack off Masters of the Universe Origins figures.
The five pack is going to be $200.
Yes $200 for He-Man Skeletor merman beastman and man-at-arms.
The only difference between these and the eventual mass market releases is this:
The power con exclusive will be based on early Mark Taylor artwork... IIRC.

I can't see myself paying the $15 for regular figures. There's no way in Hell that I'd pay $40-ish per figure just to get those 5.
Good luck to them and all that. If you're into those, now you know...and knowing is half the battle! GI Joe!!!

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