Feb 19, 2020

GI Joes IS OFFICIALLY getting a 6 inch line. *Snake Eyes leaked*

Snake Eyes... Freaking Snake Eyes... Why did it have to be Snake Eyes!? Why couldn't it be Duke, Scarlett or hell Shipwreck!? It's always that mute ass Ninja motherf...
This is a con exclusive 6 inch Snake Eyes.
And believe it or not the 3.75 inch club is bitching and moaning about it. Pretty much this:
"Waaah! This new Snake Eyes is not conpatible with my 36 year old Joes!"
"Why 6 inches!? First they ruined Star Wars now GI Joe!"
"They will never have the same scope as the original line!"

 I know it sounds utterly ridiculous! Have they looked at their collection!? The 1980s Joes are not compatible with the 25th anniversary Joes. Healthiest would not be that first change of scale that Hasbro has done with the GI Joe franchise... or are we forgetting that the Original Joes were 12 inch and then there was 7 or 9 in Sigma Six Joes... hell even in the 3.75 inch scale the Joes have had scale discrepancies.

Besides this line will be just a limited linejust like Sigma 6 and will not be a permanent scale change.
Buy limited I mean that the line will most likely stick dual core teams. The main members of GI Joe, Cobra, Dreadnoks...
 We're more likely to see Duke, Scarlett, Flint, Lady Jaye, Destro, The Baroness, Serpentor, Dr Mindbender, Cobra Commander than Chuckles, Big Boa, Raptor, Psyche-Out.

Then there's this thing about The Rock poisoning the GI Joe well...
Do I need to remind everyone about the peg warming Retaliation figures?

Also there is this rumor that Hasbro gave the license for 3.75 inch figures to Jazwares for a potential crossover with Fork Knife.

In any case I have hopes for this 6 in line even if it's just the core guys and gals. Advanced it gives me a 6in Joe thing and at worst custom fodder. for Marvel Legends.

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