Feb 17, 2020

Witcher 3: The review: the rant

Finally, I finished the game, Triss ending if you're asking. Yes, I'm aware if Yen being the canonical ending... this is like beating MGS with Otacon instead of Meryl. I will revisit the game for the true ending probably after Final Fantasy 7 remake.

As I've mentioned before I'm a novice to the whole world of The Witcher and my first experience was with Soul Calibur 6.  I've not read the books I have not played the games because they are not in PlayStation consoles.
Last week for me the game works on its own s a standalone game.  obviously there are some advantages for knowing the lore.


The game sports some decent graphics. The character models have a rather large amount of detail... if they are main characters. The NPCs on the other hand look like they were made in a bad character creator by a person who had no idea what they were doing. Then there's the multiple graphical glitches.
Geralt using an invisible sword, broken limbs Geralt, Roach clipping his head through everywhere, floating NPCs/Monsters. Blew up a Nekker nest and one Nekker appeared in mid-air. Had to crossbow it to death in order for his guts to hit the ground.
Don't get me started on disembodied Geralt or Headless Geralt in the inventory screen.

With all that said it's a shame that these glitches haven't been patched especially since it's an old game but if I ignore the glitches this game is beautiful.

Sounds and music:
The soundtrack is beautiful! It has a bit of a Celtic vibe in some songs. Others are memorable for misheard lyrics.

Like this one. 🍌🐅🍌🐅
The voice actors do an amazing job here! None of the voices sound forced or Faked... well maybe one character from a DLC Mission but other than that, you don't notice the acting.

You are Geralt of Rivia, a genetically modified human via Alchemy.  Your job is Witcher: a monster hunter/detective/bounty hunter in a medieval fantasy world inspired by Northern Europe.
 sometimes you are Ciri, a princess who is also a DBZ powered half human half elf hybrid... who happens to be your Apprentice.
As Geralt you're trying to locate Ciri who it is targeted by the Wild Hunt. As Ciri, you're running away from the Wild Hunt while trying to locate Geralt.
Plot twists, turns, romance, action, adventure, betrayal, banana tigers, leleles, and other things stand in your way.

This is a Western RPG, which is a genre I'm not too fmiliar with, or fond of. But the Witcher made me appreciate the genre a bit more. But here's a simple explanation for complete newbs:
You travel across the lands looking for work:
Monster hunting, finding lost people, investigating murders... You have an arsenal of weapons, swords, axes, Crossbows, magic signs, among other things at your. Disposal to destroy the somewhat limited array of creatures and humans that plague the land. Also, you will spend a lot of time using your "Witcher Senses" to do the detective work. Things like: tracking prints/scents, locating items in the dark, etc.
The only problematic sections involve the Demon Horse Roach. Riding the horse is a painful experience. It often ignores your commands and goes wherever it wants. A pebble can cause him to get stuck.

They are very responsive... 99.78% of the time. The remaining .22% certain buttons don't respond properly.
Things like:
Signs changing on their own without my input, massive input lag on the menus, among others.

Fun factor:
Despite the glitches and controller hiccups, the game is extremely fun. You have to be careful, because playing 30 minutes can easily turn into 6 hours if you aren't careful. I haven't had thos much fun with a game in years.

Toss an 8.92 to your Witcher! It could've been better if it wasn't so glitchy. Don't get me wrong, despite the issues, I freaking LOVE this game.

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