Feb 27, 2020

Random Super7 thoughts:

With another NY Toy Fair done, and getting some reveals fir Super7, some thoughts have been hitting the back of my head... not all of them are Doom and Gloom.

On a walkthrough video with Pixel Dan B-Flynn from Super 7 revealed some bits of news:
Bebop is getting a second head:
This is excellent news for fans who are not into the Vintage accurate pink head. I'm glad that they are Listening to CUSTOMER reactions and attempting to correct these issues on a case by case basis. I'm still not a fan of the vintage toy Shredder head, but with the Bebop issue, I respect them a bit more. (And not mind that Toy head as much.)

Sadly, it's highly probable that Mutagen Man will not hold any liquid. This is in part due to the articulation of the figure. The way mother and articulation is engineered the bags that hold the shoulders and the legs go inside towards the Torso, while the original figure had pegs that went outside towards the arms and legs.
It's a shame says if he can't hold any liquid most of his accessories are useless. How can you have floating things inside his tank body if his tank body can not hold any liquid?
Hell, I'm not even sure how Leg articulation will work on him.

B-Flynn did say something that is either good or problematic. He's into the obscure guys. He mentioned that he "will tackle the core folks" but Filmation He-Man line begs to differ. I'm not against getting the obscure guys. The issue lies with Super7 having a limited window with th licenses. And things may get complicated if delays occur.  speaking on hypothetical terms: Let's Pretend there are to more waves of Thundercats left:
We get: Wilykat, Hachiman, Chilla, and Ratar-O for one wave. Then we get: Snarf, Bengali, Hammerhand, and Mongor as the final wave. No Monkian, or Vultureman anf no Lynx-O to complete the mutants and cats. Hell we have a Chilla  without the rest of the Lunattaks.

 same thing could apply to the turtles. What's the point of Getting Mondo Gecko and Panda Khan if we don't have Casey and April. Or Rhazar and Groundchuck without Rocksteady and Krang. Again, look at the Filmation line. No Leech, but we have Modulok. No Ram Man but we have Kittrina.

Could you imagine if we had that Ghostbusters line that never had a Spengler? That's the fear some collectors have when oddities begin to show up far too often.

I'm hoping that they learned from the mistakes with the He-man line and that the pacing is improved.

Seriously, how awesome these "PLAYS WITH MOTUC" Thundercats and TMNT would look with He-Man fighting Mumm-Ra, the Foot, and Skeletor at Snake Mountain...
This thought is what makes the fears and doubts  with Super7 all worth it...

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