Feb 3, 2020

Super7 and Krang's Android Body Dilemma

Since this iteration of Classics is based on the original playmates toy line,  we are faced with a dilemma: Krang's Android Body. The original toy line had two versions of the Android body. The first version which was an oversized body but it fit the normal Krang figure inside.
The second figure was in scale with other characters but Krang was much smaller, thus out of scale.

But back then the Turtle figures we're roughly 5.5 in in height. Now with the turtles clocking close to 7 in that would make Krang's Android body close to a 16 inch figure...  if we use the old scaling up ratio.... or a 7-inch Krang Android body with a tiny Krang it inside...

Option C also known as The Lazy option is just making Krang in his bubble Walker. No Android body no logistical issues. Which let's face it it's the most logical option for Super 7 because they can use as an excuse the original release of Krang which was Krang inside the bubble Walker.

 option D would be making Krang Android body figure in a different scale that could still fit a normal Craig but not be ridiculously oversized. I'm thinking something roughly in the 9 or 10 in scale may be as wide as Ram Man or Tuskador.

 I'm honestly hoping for option d.   now we have to wait about 12 hours or something until Super 7 release the news about the new turtles way that we know it has Leonardo and three more characters...

If Shredder happens to be one of those he ends up looking exactly like his vintage toy counterpart, I actually may be tempted to get a spare one just to repaint him in cartoon colors.  because you know blue blades, shirtless Shredder is a bit creepy. The Vintage figure candle look like he was on spring break and he was going to play a badass mix at the turntable...

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