Feb 17, 2020

Sonic the hedgehog movie: the rant

I can guarantee that no PINGAS were harmed in the making of this review.
So, I saw Hop 2: Blue Hedgehog Boogaloo! While my reference sounds cynical and dismissive,  the movie was great for what it was: "a kids' flick". Scorsese would not like this movie.

 Back when Sonic look like Sanic, Hop references where plentiful, blame Penis Summers for that... the movie makes you forget the similarities between Hop and Sonic.
Credit to Ben Schwartz and James Mardsen's performances. They have a much better chemistry than Russell Brand and James Mardsen.

While Jim Carrey wasn't "Robotnik enough", his performance was so 90s Carrey that his inaccuracies as Eggman are easily forgiven. In all fairness, he slowly becomes Eggman as the movie progresses.

I have to give credit to the folks involved in the movie for caving in to pressure and fixing Sonic. And I'm not going to act like this redesign of the redesign wasn't a huge influence on giving the movie a chance. The original take was awful and had they stuck to their guns, I would've watched it at the electronics section of my retailer of choice.

Thanks to the redesign I got to see a movie that was a love letter to Sonic the Hedgehog. And I mean not just the games but a love for Sonic the Hedgehog in pop culturein general. There were references to the games obviously, but there were also references to the cartoons and the memes...  Pingas being the exception,  for obvious reasons.
Even Sanic makes it to the movie...

The Echidna tribe makes a cameo early on in the movie. If we do certain amount of mental gymnastics we can say that this reference is a two-for-one. First the Echidna tribe themselves appear in some off the 3D Sonic Games. But casuals might think it has to do with this:

If you don't kno da wae,  head to your nearest movie theater and watch the Sonic movie. You will enjoy it!!

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