Feb 5, 2020

Live action MOTU is now most likely a Netflix Original.

Last time we heard about the movie, Sony had put it in TBD status.  Allegedly Sony passed to Netflix the rights to make the movie, which might happen in 2021 or 2022. $130 Million is the speculated budget for the film.
I understand why Sony didn't take the risk. "Brand new property" and "unproven" especially with SONY having some monetary issues and multiple flops. Then there's my pal who tends to quarter ass everything and tries to go as cheap as possible. And David S Goyer is still somehow involved... he is more miss than hit.

Right now the He-Man movie has a lot against it. The only close to a good thing about it is that Netflix is involved... and even that is a double edged sword.
This is the part where I bring Death Note.
Ryuk looked great,  bought the movie to kill a giant shit on Death Note in the attempts for westernization...

If Netflix remains faithful to what He-Man is supposed to be, the script is respectful to the source material,  add with good direction,  we could have a good thing.

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