Feb 27, 2020

Top 30 Most wanted Marvel Legends post NYTF reveals:

The NYTF Marvel Legends reveal fills up a few of my most wanted characters... but there are still some missing, so here I am unsubtly campaigning for characters.
30 characters not made by Hasbro. They won't be listed in order of desire, let's begin!
30-27: Power Pack:
I've been pushing for anything related to power pack ever since the infancy of this blog. And many times I try to sneak in power pack into Marvel Legends list so let's get them out of the way.

We have Spider-Man, we have Iceman... we need Firestar!!
I bought the Marvel Universe spider friends set for a reason... actually I spider friends Amazon exclusive 3 pack would be kind of cool.

25: Lilandra:
Having her head with Mystique is not enough. Charles needs a Lilandra, period. Also, it makes no sense having Gladiator without his Empress.

24:Alistair Smythe, the Ultimate Spider-Slayer:
Since we are getting a Spider-Man retro line inspired by the 90's animated series this figure would make sense.

23:Lady Deathstrike:
We need a brand new Lady Deathstrike to replace the horrible ToyBiz figure. And it's a not so subtle push to get more reverse as well.

22:The Mandarin:
If there's a non-Tony Stark character that could push a retro Iron Man wave would be the Mandarin. Also we need something to replace a horrible toybiz figure.

You cannot mention replacing a toy this figures and not mention Toad. He's horribly articulated and completely out of scale.

Little by little we have been completing Carnage's crew and she is needed to complete the team.

21: General Ross:
While we kind of do have a version of him, I'm interested in a classic version of The General. By that I mean a nun Red Hulk version of Gen. Ross.

20:Bruce Banner:
Like Ross, we need a COMIC BOOK version of Banner... for obvious reasons and one of them is that most of the batter but could be reused on a Curt Connors.

19:Rick Jones:
Adding Rick to the list because he has been a sidekick to both Hulk and Cap. Not to mention that the upcoming Mar-Vell has a connection to Jones.

18:Genis Vell:
Since we are getting his late father, we should get Genis. He's literally a new head on the Mar-Vell body.

17:Madame Web:
ToyBiz made one in their pre-ML era... that's reason enough.

16:Scorpia: (not the She-Ra one)
With Female Beetle and White Rabbit avaliable, I can see a Sinister Syndicate forming

15:Lady Ock:
I've been wanting one for a long time and she would be another asset for the Sinister syndicate. I would love if she got a second head with the 90s purple hairstyle.

14:J.Jonah Jameson:
Hasbro you have seen bunch of custom J. Jonah Jameson figures that have been made using the MCU klaw... give us an official one.

If you didn't get the ye olde Marvel Select Uatu, you're shit out of luck... like me. We need to fix that.

Hasbro is never going to make Mephisto. But using it the build a figure bodies they acquired throughout the years they could make a suitable Blackheart... and yes the reason I want black heart is not to have a Ghost Rider villain but to have the Marvel Superheroes roster.

11:Shuma Gorath:
Ancient Eldritch villain, enemy of Doctor Strange... nah!
Being part of the Marvel Super Heroes roster is why I want him. Also how did he end up in the Marvel Superheroes roster in the first place... ah, hentai... Got it!

10:Baron Mordo:(the comic version)
Other than Dormammu Baron Mordo is One of the top 4 Doctor Strange villains. (The others being Nightmare and Mephisto)

I don't like Riri, but with the younger "replacements" having figures, she's an important gap that needs to be filled.

There was a Bi-beast prototype from the Hasbro dark ages floating around the internet. Now that the hospital has better sculpting and actual Hulk parts to do justice to the character we should get another chance at  Bi-beast. And before anyone mentions that I said no Hasbro re-dos. Bi-beast was not released officially, so he counts.

7:The Russian:
He could reuse most of Sandman BAF parts. Also, Frank needs someone to punish...

The founder of the Frightful Four should be made because we have plenty of charactwrs who have been part of the team, except the one who has been pretty much in all of them.

While the Toybiz figure it's good, Hasbro has kicked ass with their updates. I want to see what they can do with him.

4:Whiplash:(comic version)
He also would help the vintage Iron Man wave. And after getting the MCU one, we need a comic version.

The demonic Lilith spawn that fought Danny Ketch as Ghost Rider. Most recently, he got tortured by the Superior Spider-Man. I also had the Pre-ML figure from ToyBiz.

He's the last figure of Team Maximum Carnage...

1:Nova: (The Galactus Herald)
A supporting character for both Silver Surfer and the F4. Pretty easy to make for Hasbro.

Honorable Mentions:
Phage, who is basically a Yellow Carnage repaint with spiky arms and legs.
Riot, who is a Venom repaint with a new head.
Agony, who is a scream repaint with a new head.

This list is long but it's not over yet!! I haven't touched Repaint/part swap (no new parts) rereleases... here's 20 of them!

20:Kingpin Animated series repaint:
Perfectly suited for the Retro series Spider-Man wave. This is literally the Kingpin build-a-figure but with blue pants.

19: Electro classic colors:
The previously-released electro figure is a great rendition of his modern look. We need a classic look with the yellow trunks and green tights.

18:  full water mode Hydro man:
We have a full sand mode Sandman from the raft box set. It makes sense to have a full water mold Hydro man as well.

17: classic Uniform Johnny Storm:
Super skrull Wave gave us a modern Johnny. We need a classic Johnny for the Walgreens F4.

16: Ben Reilly Spider-Man:
 we're getting a brand new body for normal Spider-Man in the Retro wave. Spider-Man should get a new release with that new torso.

15: Invisible invisible woman:
Have her come with 2 heads so you can have her in the nodern set or classic set.

14: Classic US Agent:
Perfect for a Retro wave. He'd be a literal Repaint of Captain America.

13: Cannonball: with legs
Paladin's legs with different boots seal the deal. Make it so, Hasbro!

12: Shadow King:
Hasbro has all the pieces to make this figure. That Kingpin body the monster Venom hands and the Shadow King head.

11: Rhino:
A 5 year old BAF could use a rerelease, especially if done in a more accurate grey. (If they gave us a rerelease of Monster venom, which is less old than Rhino) They could also paint the missing Rhino eyes that weren't sculptrd on the classic head.

10: classic colors Shocker:
They have all the pieces to do so maybe swapping their boots for Shaman's to complete the look but, he's doable.

9: Classic Dr. STRANGE:
 this is one figures that Hasbro owes us. We got the modern black and red STRANGE; well we need the blue yellow black STRANGE... yes this would require a new skirt these but they can totally do that do that especially since some of these "repaints" end up getting a new piece or two.

8: Cable: Blue and Yellow suit
By combining parts from Juggernaut Cable and Sasquatch Cable, the blue and yellow cable popularized by late 90s media and Marvel versus Capcom 2 can be made.

7: Superior Spider-Man:
With the new improved Superior octopus body, we need to take the inferior superior Spider-Man make him Superior Superior. Maybe thoughts in an Elliot Tolliver head to make him slightly more appealing. Yes I'm aware that head goes with Superior octopus not necessary superior Spider-Man but it's better than yet another Peter Parker head.

6:Feral Wolverine:
 by combining brown stripe Wolverine, Weapon X feral Wolvwrine head, the X-love triangle three pack Wolverine bone claws, and Jackal feet, you can get the feral Wolverine after Magneto ripped his adamantium and the Genesis failed to reattach it.

5:Apocalypse Classic colors:
 the recent build a figure that we got of Apocalypse was pretty good...  sadly he was in the modern colors. If he were re-released in classic colors I'm pretty sure people would flock to him! If a matching 12-inch scale figure was released as well (for THE 12-inch line) fans would get him as well for the 6-inch line too... but that's a different rant for a different day.

4:Captain America:(Brighter colors)
Taking the 80th anniversary Captain America and giving him the Vintage retro wave colors.

3: Ionic Wonder Man:
 I wouldn't release him on his phone I would make him a part of a box set  but it is a decent variant for Wonder Man

2:Rogue: 90s cartoon colors.
It's a nice way to refresh date now hard to find Rogue

He was a Disguise for Chameleon, but he deserves a proper figure with proper pinstripe suit.

Honorable mentions:
Dr. Doom in brighter retro colors
Symbiote Spidey

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