Feb 11, 2020

I can't see myself buying the McFarlane DC toys.

I had both Superman and Batman in hand a couple of hours ago. I was tempted but couldn't pull the trigger.
My main issue with the McFarlane DC toys is their articulation. Despite having plenty of articulation points, the articulation just doesn't work properly. Batman is ok looking, but not mindblowing.  Superman has a fantastic head sculpt but the body doesn't do it justice. Weird articulation and being unable to pull off classic Superman poses hurts him. Batman looks a bit too lanky for Batman... kinda looks like Dick Grayson dressed as Batman, but using Bruce's outfit.

These are Wave 1 figures so there is a chance that Todd can still improve on the next figures. After the disappointment from the DCC figures with piss poor articulation that I got a while back; I'm  way too picky with toys based on DC properties. At least back when Mattel was doing DCUC,  I knew what to expect. December 13th election mostly good skulls and semi decent range of characters.

With McFarlane everything is a bit crazier now. No regards for scale, after 20 plus years in the Toy Market he still hasn't figured out how articulation works,  sculpts are hit or miss. It's funny that NECA, who in some circles is considered a McFarlane knockoff, is doing BETTER DC toys than McFarlane...

Also where the hell is my 7 inch Super articulated Spawn, Todd?
No really Todd McFarlane, creator of Spawn and owner of McFarlane Toys hasn't made a super articulated Spawn action figure... What's up with that!?

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