Feb 29, 2020

Henry Cavill should NOT play Wolverine

There is a rumor about Henry Cavill playing the role of Logan in Captain Marvel 2. I'm literally praying that these rumors are false.  There are two reasons for this.

Recent number one is the most obvious one:

I don't want anything interfering with him playing Geralt of Rivia. And Wolverine would be lile playing a non-magical diet Geralt.

 Reason number two is that there is a better role in the MCU for him than Wolverine...
 Seriously, think about it.
 He has the right build play Scott Summers. He has this sort of Prince Charming appeal that Cyclops should have...
Because there is a reason why Wolverine called him pretty boy.  He also projects this boy-scout aura, but at the same time a huge aura of smugness and douchebaggery that is Cyclops.

Also there's the whole big-name playing Wolverine, which would detract from the character. People are going to see the actor and not the character. With Cyclops you can get away with a bigger name actor, because his face his half-covered all the time. Whethwr with normal RQ glasses, or his Heroic RQ Visor, half his face is always covered. Not to mention that Cavill is really skilled at non-verbal performances, something needed for a "seemingly stiff" character as Cyclops.

But, In any case, he will do a nice job... there are no MARTHAS in X-Men...

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