Feb 1, 2020

Top 12 Club Grayskull figures I would've liked to see:

The final Club Grayskull figures are being shipped and people are getting them. My Adam and Stratos are safe at BBTS's pile of loot. It's a shame that Mattel threw a wrench at Super 7 and stopped this line prematurely. We didn't finish the core Heroes we didn't finish the core horde and we didn't get any Rebels aside She-Ra. I know that if Mattel hadn't thrown a wrench at Super 7 we would have gotten a couple more figures. If I recall correctly  Buzz off was one of the figures in the works.

I would have begrudgingly accepted a Melaktha If it meant that this Was the only way to get him.

Unlike previous lists I'm just going to go through this one and mention the extra stuff I would have added to them to reach that Infamous $45+ mark.

1) Ram Man:
Unfortunately Ram man would require a higher price tag due to his unique sculpt. To soften the blow I would have added certain accessories:
-Interchangeable legs.
This second set of legs would be made of clear plastic and the spring legs would be painted in green. This would allow for cartoon accuracy and in addition it would give a stronger support than the skinny Springs actually holding his body.
-"Filmationized" axe.
The toy has an axe, so he should have one here for the sake of consistency.
-Sailor Adam Head.
Not all accessories HAVE TO BE FOR the character they come with and having a Winking Adam with a new Hat is a thing.

2) Leech:
He's here just to complete the core Horde from the Boys toyline. He would be a rather vanilla release.
On his own he has very little to offer, so he could be padded out with Imp transformations or She-Ra's Sword to... items as well.

3) Mekaneck:
He's a "cost saving figure" since he's made out of existing parts sans his head armor and neck.
-Neck extensions.
Basically a rethread of the classic neck extensions but made into Filmation Style.
 like other characters before he'd get the toy weapon made into a style reminiscent of the cartoon.
-random weapons.
Like man-e-faces before him he could have random accessories that could be used to enhance other figures.
Like say he man's white grappling hook you know the one he pulls out of his underpants.

He's another "budget saver", by not requiring many new parts. All he needs is a new head, armor, and grappling hook, since it's not the same as He-Man's.
For extras, he can come with:
-Filmationized Webstor rifle.
-random Filmation doo-dads. Like say a Grimalkin statue to pad out Kittrina, a Filmation Power Sword for Skeletor. (He had one in an early episode) The blaster from Prince Adam no More and the Disguised Skeletor head from A Drahon's Gift.

5) Mossman:
Now he would require a bit more new pieces but it would be worth it. On accessories there isn't much you can do WITH HIM, but he could come with Relay and a smiling Skeletor head from the Christmas Special.
In addition to a Filmationizwd Mossman club.

6) Kobra Khan:
I mentioned Webstor, of course I will bring his partner in crime. On the accessories we need a second head with the hood flared out. Poison mist effect should plug into the hood.
- the gun that came with the original action figure should get the filmation treatment.

7) Cringer and Orko:
Here cringer would be the one who'd eat up a lot of tooling budget. Orko would spend a lot less budget since he can be made out of the same parts that made Montork. This could allow for a slightly larger cranger than the one in classics and articulated. Sadly this with bump them to the $60 price mark.

8 ) Whiplash:
He only requires head and armor. As always, his Toy spear would be Filmationized. Lokus mini Figure.

9)Hose Nose:
He's here to pad out The Rebellion. Also, lack of new parts required help out. So, toss in a second head with the trunk curled for attack.  Add some water effects, his axe and we're done!

10) Rattlor:
His main reason for existing is Charmander... I mean Tung. He would require a modest bit of tooling, but that's why other characters were selected with little tooling to compensate.

11) Zodac:
This guy is a $60 item...
Cosmic Chair

Come on! I said that if this was the only way to get Melaktha, I'd get him. I literally said it, yo!

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