Feb 19, 2020

Odds and ends Feb.19, 2020: Random thoughts

The Sonic Redesign is now a double edged sword. It WORKED on Sonic's case (aside the studio that animated our blue devil, which ended up in bankruptcy)... but that doesn't mean it will always do. And when the "changes to please fans" fail, the studios will wrongfully blame the fans for the failure.

 Going back to Sonic the Hedgehog: the Sonic movie actually worked because the movie itself was good. The only thing that was bad was Sonic's design. The movie had heart had some amazing performances and the only thing that was holding it back was the original Sonic design. Have they kept that original design a lot of people would have missed out on that great family film with tons of Love for SEGA's mascot.

But if the product itself is not good, then nothing can save it.
Let's say: Birds of Prey: and the ridiculously long and pretentius title for a Harley Quinn movie with very little of the actual Birds of Prey in it had Harley in her classic Red and Black Threads.  the movie would still be bad,  but at least it gave us a real Harley. More people would've seen it and be disappointed.

 But the problem lies here:
Focusing so hard on "leaving your own mark" that you lose focus on what made the material you're adapting beloved by many.

The "creatives" at WB claim that her classic costume is "unrealistic for a movie... in a world where a rich orphan dresses like a bat and a crocodile-like man live...

"Because it would look cheap?"
 that's precisely the whole point. Harley doesn't have infinite money like Bruce Wayne nor does she have alien technology like Kal-El. She's simply shoplifted a red and a black unitard and went to town with them. And it makes sense with in the world that highly would make her costumes herself. Hell, the Arkham games gave Harley multiple "realistic costumes" that still kept her theme. So there really is no excuse to not have Harley Quinn in her classic costume or something similar to it.

Thinking about the New Joe Line reaction and MOTU Origins:
What is the big deal of making 2020 toys compatible with 1983 toys? Sure, there may be spme recent commemorative rereleases that 2020 kids could have access to but, how many 2020 kids have access to 1983 toys? Even if they somehow got access to say, a great condition Eternia playset, the collecting parent would have to be nuts to let kids play with such a rare and fragile playset. If the aim is for collectors, why would they "contaminate" their vintage displays with modern toys that make the vintage ones feel inferior?

This is the part that people bring up my 2012 Ninja Turtle reviews... The Mousers to be specific.
The 2012 Mouser has corrected a huge mistake from the 1980s toy line... they were an actual scale to this Turtles versus the 1980s toy which had an oversized Mouser.

You cannot take a 1980s you lonardo a 2002 Donatello a 2012 Raphael and a 2017 Michelangelo and say that you have the four turtles. Sure they are in scale with each other but they are not compatible with each other...

Sure, you can combine 2012 and Out of the Shadows to make a pseudo modern imitation/tribute to the 80s, but it's NOT the 80s.

Line compatibility works if the lines are close to each other in age...  for example Marvel Legends:
 you can use toybiz figures add Hasbro figures in the same display with very little issues. That is because despite the 18 years in difference between lines,  at one point in time Hasbro was literally a year away from Toy biz. And while yes there has been a transition in style the lines have remained somewhat similar in it. Unlike say GI Joe, we're at 2008 Snake Eyes looks completely different from a 1988 Snake-Eyes.

 Which going back to Masters of the Universe Origins, I wonder: is Mattel going to redo all the vehicles and playsets from the 1980s,  or are adult collector supposed to hand over their Irreplaceable vintage playsets to their kids so they can play with them?

Final Fantasy VII Remake is 51 days away. It's funny how we know so much, yet so little about the game.
100 Gigabytes in storage is required for the game... ouch, right! Better to start looking into those external HDD drives for PS4... also pray that there is no Story DLC for the game.

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