Feb 23, 2020

Super7 showed Thundercats wave 3... Siiiiiiiiiiiiii!

Latin American fans of Thundercats already figured out one of the releases by reading the title of this rant...
Super7 va a hacer al puto Reptilio... Siiiiiiiiiii!!

Sorry, my Latino suddenly popped up. But here's the reveals:

Slythe, we are getting freaking Slythe! Not Vulture man, nit Monkian, who are a lot "easier to make" with existing parts, but Freaking Slythe!!!! Siiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!
He will have a second head!! I *KNOW*  I'm getting him.

 Next character is an important one but I will not be getting him: Jaga.

It's quite simple actually,  I skipped Grune, therefore I have no need for a Jaga in Living colors. Now had he been in the blue and grayish ghost of Jaga colors..

I would get him. Now if Super7 makes a pack of all the naked Thundercats then I need to get an "alive" Jaga.

The next figure I would have had to probably buy two of them if Mom was still around. Her favorite Thundercat is being made and we're a Snarf short of completing the Core characters.
 Yes we are getting Cheetara!! She also has a second running head... Super 7 please don't fuck her up please don't fuck her up!!

The last character is Captain Peg warmer... I mean Captain Saltine American!
He's being in like three episodes and two of them if I recall correctly involve Mandora the evil chaser. Talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel and we haven't even gotten Bengali yet... With all the much better characters available, they pick HIM!? This is Nepthu bad...

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