Feb 21, 2020

MOTU weapon prop replicas!? Even Mom would've gotten into that.

With Scott Neitlich out of the picture, it almost seems like MOTU us thriving a lot better. Why do I say this? Despite Classics dying, which is a sad event, and I thank the Douche Canoe Toyguru for it, MOTU is getting a comeback bigger than before: comic books, retail toylines, 2 Cartoon series, "a live action movie"... Now we're getting 1:1 Prop Replicas. Something that The Toyguru claimed it would be impossible!
We're going to get scaled replicas, Metal Miniatures, and 1:1 replicas. This is possible thanks to Factory Entertainment getting the MOTU License for making props.

The 1:1 items are the thing I'm most curious about...
All I can think of is the Power sword, Skeletor's 200X dueling blades, Tri-Klops and Fisto's swords (vintage for TK and 200X for Poing Supercombat) THE Axe would be cool as well...

I wonder what the "scaled props" are...
I suppose we'll get more info after toy fair but holy crap we could potentially be getting an official metal replica of the power sword!!

What would'ya like to see?

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