Feb 23, 2020

More Marvel Legends reveals. Wallet has committed sudoku

There  I've been a lot more reveals.
X-Men movie figures are coming:
Yes that includes Ryan Reynolds Deadpool that includes McAvoy Xavier and others...
There is a wave based on the Square Enix Avengers game:
It also has Game Ironman, Game Ms. Marvel, and Game Captain Hockeypads. The BAF is Abomination.

The Age of Apocalypse has been revealed in its entirety and it actually HAS Sugar Man as the BAF.

We are getting another Target exclusive: Giant Size X-Men Storm... or for gamers: Konami X-Men arcade game Storm.

It seems the toy gods have heard my prayers. A Peter Parker action figure with camera and an extra half Spidey face half Peter face spider sense head. I'll probably be using the Peter Parker has from the Mary Jane two pack on him...  but wait there's more!
 we get a brand new Spidey based on the Animated Series...
Your eyes are not deceiving you that's a true blue Marvel Legends Gwen Stacy... in her death suit. Wait a spare Mary Jane had to use on the previously released Mary Jane figure. I hope we can get a more classic Green Goblin release as well with a Norman Osborn  second head. A normal Norman Osborn head not the O-face Norman from Sins Past.

I bet more stuff would be revealed during the weekend but I have to cut this short my cheeks have gotten numb...

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