Feb 20, 2020

TMNT curveballs that Super7 could throw at us.

I know NYTF is this weekend and "it's Thundercats' turn" for reveals. Problem is that Thundercats is a pretty predictable set. They will not waste Budget on characters like the Berserkers and if we see a Lunattak, it won't be Tug Mug or Amok. We know Jaga and Wilykat are sculpted, not to mention we saw a test shot of Wilykit back in wave 2... do the math.

 with the TMNT we already know 6 characters that are missing:
Donatello, Michelangelo, Casey Jones, April O'Neil, Rocksteady, Krang.
Theoretically speaking we have two bad guy slots to fill.

The obvious choices would be:
Leatherhead, Slash, Tokka, Rhazar, Gen. Traag, Rat King, Super Shredder.
If you're going to say that these choices are based on turtles in time you're correct.

 But we're not here for those guys.  we're going to scout the Vintage TMNT Toy Museum and pick the oddballs just like Mutagen Man was picked.

But picking "just bad guys" is too easy. I will look at the characters whether good or bad and a pick them just because they are out there choices. This puts Metalhead, Usagi, and the Punk Frogs out of the list.  Even if all of those would be cool to have.  I will also avoid the human characters who are based from the cartoon but ended up having toys. (Vernon, Burne, Irma... I like them but not I have to pay $135 for all 3 want them...)

Pizzaface: From the same wave as Mutagen Man we have Pizzaface. I know it's a walking stereotype of an Italian pizza Chef, but look at him! He has a pizza peg leg and his giant Cleaver weapon can also be used as a peg leg... he's like a Bizarro world trapjaw.

Muckman & Joe Eyeball: Still stuck in 1990 wave, but come on! This wave has some of the best freaks and it has a bit of a meta-joke in itself. Just ask Super 7 has made He-Man and Conan, they also made it Toxie from the Toxic Avenger... and Muckman is basically a homage to the Toxic Avenger.

Mondo Gecko: He has a cult following. Also he's a freaking skateboarding lizard! But knowing my luck chances are we get Ace Duck before we get MG.

I'm curious how the four horsemen with articulate Wyrm's tentacle leg!

Sgt. Bananas: It's a Military Gorilla... with a Lemur Sidekick...  it's incredibly ridiculous I'm completely unexpected...  it's right up Super7's alley.

Merdude: I honestly don't care about this character, buuuut it's a half monster half male mermaid... uh thing! It's the kind of weird freak that super7 would love to toss in.

Scale tail: Giant Cobra dude...  need I add more?

Hothead:  it's a freaking Chinese Dragon dude! That makes them by default an interesting pick.

Mona Lisa: Just to have bragging rights over NECA's Toon line. I know I said I would have avoided cartoon characters but to be fair she was in a normal lineup... and she send on human so she gets a pass.

Of course the biggest curveball they can throw at us is Krang's Android body

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