Feb 7, 2020

Super7's misunderstanding of MOTUC and how it effects other lines.

Not exactly a topic I'm proud of discussing,  but it has to be done for the well-being of the lines. In the case of Masters of the Universe Classics what's done is done and cannot be changed back... but maybe the other lines like Thundercats or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles can be spared partially from these mistakes.

Whether Mattel cares to admit it or not customization was a huge part of what made Classics work. I know that Scott light leak believed in it up to a point. That's why he insisted on having all armors be removable all heads be compatible with each other,  assuming the characters were made using a male body. A few production snafus happened here and there but you could popping He-Man's head and put it on mermans body; you could take Beast Man's armor and put it on zodak. Take the mighty spector's head and put it on snout spout's body Etc.

With some creative part swapping you could even make new characters which translated to extra sales.

Well as we all know super7 put an end to that very swiftly.
Characters with interchangeable pieces like say Roboto are incompatible with super7's terroar... or mini comic Trap Jaw.
Or you thought the movie Skeletor look pretty cool but wanted to replace a Frank langella head with an actual skull well you can without nearly breaking the figure,  because for some reason super7 made the figures I didn't have extra heads unable to be customized.

At least with Thundercats most of the figures seem to have a second head to induce this customization and playability Factor... but Ninja Turtles are not that lucky.

Sure I understand that you cannot give Baxter Stockman a second head since you cannot make a human look for him with that current body. But a foot soldier could have used an extra battle damage head. On the 45 I pop I don't think many people would try to double dip or triple dip in a foot soldier 2.0 if it only comes with an additional cybernetic head that should have been from the start.

 NOW let's look at Bebop. He has no alternate head. You know what could have been an amazing alternate head?
Wacky action Head Spinning Bebop's...  because super7 is not going to re-release Bebop with a new head and blue shoes for $45... okay they totally would but the point is that who are the 10 extra head that they could have used on the normal released. Same thing would have applied for the eventual release of Rocksteady.

So bebop doesn't get a second head but rather gets the stupidest second head ever. Paint error Shredder. Not the Wacky Action Helmet, or the Mutatin' Shredder Oroku Saki head, but a paint error.

If all characters had removable heads then they could have ways to spice up older releases with a new releases.
Let's use Shredder as an example:
 He has interchangeable heads and his accessories, but has no Oroku Saki head.
Well that obvious mistake can be easily fixed with say Leatherhead only has his shotgun an' a bear trap... Ah Gwaranteeh! Super7 can easily thoughts in an Oroku Saki head and fix the shredder issue.

Heck they can even get out of their normal Comfort zones for the turtles at least they can toss in a wacky action accessory pack:
4 heads (1 for each turtle)
The Wacky Action Accessories:
The scuba jet for Donatello
The Breakdancinh weapons for Raph
Mikey's spinning weapons
Leo's weird fetish weapons.

I know some people will say that super7 is a different company than Mattel and that their game is a whole different one which is true... but if you want to recapture the feeling of the original playmates toy line you need to recapture some of the crazy as well.  and let's not forget that these guys are not under $5 like Playmates Toys were back in the day. These guys cost nearly ten times the cost of a figure back then. Trying to get more bang for our buck so to speak. Also I kept things with a dead parent having something to do with the original vintage line in order to avoid ruffling feathers with other companies producing classic era inspired tmnt toys...

 so to conclude not fully grasping the Notions of customization within the Masters of the Universe Classics inspired lines super7 is not taking the potential to the Max! They are slowly getting there since Thundercats has seen a huge improvement over Masters of the Universe classics and so does TMNT,  but with the slow pace from pre-order to receiving the toys there is very little time to do corrections and maximize the potential before the end of the licensing period.  This is why I'm jumping the gun and I'm trying to attack these points early. I want to play the love game with these.

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