Feb 22, 2020

More Hasbro "leaks" Joes, Legends, and...

Other stuff... like a Revival of the Kenner Real Ghostbusters line and movie versions of the figures that may be compatible with the Kenner figures.  well I will not collect these it's pretty cool that they're launching a commemorative Kenner line. And for those who still have the original Kenner toys now they can have something that they've always during which is movie versions of their toys.

There's also a Marvel Legends styled line of first movie Ghostbusters.  Unenthusiastic yippee... I mean we got the Mattel Line from 10 years back, diamond select gave us seven in versions of both movie and real Ghostbusters... another 6-inch movie line is meh for me. There could be potential for custom fodfer if the proton packs are removable.  We also get a Gozer, which I must say it's kind of cool.

Stop lying, Zuul! There is a Dana, but YOU ARE THE BAF!!

On the MARVEL LEGENDS area, my Wallet FINALLY gets a break! Stupid Venomized wave is stupid.
Red Hulk is a Target exclusive which means I won't be able to get him unless I spend extra money to buy in from third parties. They're also re-releasing monster Venom in Eddie colors. I find out about this when I start Bell repainting the monster Venom into an Eddie Venom damn it!

Now all we have to do is wait for it toys for to officially start and we can get official images on these Anna may be something more morphinominal.

Before I forget:

The Joes have gotten the Fork Knife treatment... and after that Snake Eyes showed so much potential.
 DON'T get me wrong: They're not horrible. it's just that the redesign don't feel like they captured the characters. There are elements of the character that you can use to easily identify them but they feel off.
 let's use Roadblock as an example: He is obviously inspired by the second version of Roadblock, but he feels off.
Same thing with Scarlett. She's obviously inspired by her Resolute Version, but not quite there.

I'm not asking for them to redo A Real American Hero, but everyone knows that would be their biggest seller if they do 6-inch A Real American Hero. These are possible but they would require some serious repainting in order to make them good.

Duke was leaked as well and for the most part, he looks OK. I'm worried he's also wearing Shiny metallic shinguards and kneepads.

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