Aug 25, 2018

I had a Marvel Legends dream... A Doppelganger wave...

So, I dreamt I was at Walgreen's looking for a Silver Surfer figure. No dice, behind the Bunch of Peg Warming Lex Luthors from the Doomsday wave I saw a Marvel Legends figure hidden.
It was Carrion and it came with Doppelganger's Right Leg and a Left arm. The figure was mostly a combination of Cyclops and Green Goblin. The Set seemed to be leaning towards a tribute to Maximum Carnage. The rest of the wave based on the pics on the back were:

-Nightwatch with the head and a Right Arm (He was in the not obvious Spawn rip-off outfit. Guessing to avoiding ruffling feathers with Todd McFarlane)
-Firestar 90s outfit with the Torso and a Right Arm
-Demogoblin (Repainted Hobgoblin with the demon head and new glider) with the Left Leg and a Right arm.
-Shriek was mostly kitbashed from Domino, Typhoid Mary and others. came with a Left arm and an Alternate Modern head
-90s Kaine came with a few web effects for doppelganger and a Left Arm

Last but not least a Quick Change Spider-man (Complete Kitbash from Spidey, defenders Iron Fist and Starlord) He came with 6 extra open Doppelganger hands.

It was so real. Heck! even the Doppelganger Torso seemed as if it was made for an eventual 6 Armed Spider-Man reuse.

The Doppelganger in my dream kinda looked like this custom, which I hadn't seen until now as I'm writing this. Maybe with sharper talons, but since a Nightcrawler was used for the custom, I understand why the feet and hands are so rounded off. But in any case. That was kinda my dream... Yes, I bought the Carrion, went home and hit the sack. I felt like crap the moment I woke up and realized that it hadn't happened. So, yeah... Aside from Nightwatch, I pretty much want the entire wave... and let's be honest here, he's in it because Maximum Carnage.

In any case I need a 90s Kaine, Shriek, Doppelganger among a few others.

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